9:00 AM, Tuesday, August 30, 2022

EV Smith Research Center – Plant Breeding Unit

Join us as we tour the research conducted at the EV Smith Research Center – Plant Breeding Unit.  The field day will include updates


9:00 AM-9:15 AM – Registration and Welcome- Andrew Sparks

9:15AM-9:45 AM – Early Group IV Soybean OVT Root Knot Nematode – Henry Jordan, Eros Francisco, Claire Schloemer

9:45AM-10:15 AM – Rain-Out Shelters for peanut- Alvaro San-Saez

10:15AM-10:30 AM – Peanut Breeding Program- Charles Chen

10:30AM-10:50 AM – Peanut Variety and Fungicides- Amanda Strayer-Scherer

10:50 AM-11:00 AM – Soybean Sentinel plots- Ed Sikora

11:00 AM-11:15 AM – Soybean Breeding Program- Jenny Koebernick

11:15AM-11:45 AM – ThryvOn Cotton nematode trial- Scott Graham

11:45AM-12:00 PM – Cotton Target Spot/Fungicide – Amanda Strayer-Scherer

12:15PM-1:15 PM – Lunch at EV Smith Conference Room


For more information and to register, contact Andrew Sparks at ajs0015@auburn.edu or 334-4041-9164.