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The Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station (AAES) at Auburn University was established in 1883 by an act of the Alabama Legislature to conduct scientific research that would advance Alabama’s agricultural and forestry industries. AAES operations are supported with funding support from the USDA NIFA Hatch funding program and the State of Alabama. AAES researchers conduct innovative fundamental and applied (mission-oriented) research that supports the advancement of Alabama’s agriculture and forestry industries, for the purpose of improving quality of life and well-being of citizens and communities of Alabama and beyond. Research conducted by AAES faculty focus on the following four priority areas:

Research Areas


Research of Food Animal Systems including: animal breeding, reproduction and genetics; efficient and sustainable animal production systems and technologies; animal nutrition, immunity and health; and safe use of animal waste.


Research of Integrated Food and Human Health Systems including: food safety and quality; rural, economic, and community development; and human nutrition, health and obesity.


Research including plant production-cropping systems; plant protection and biosecurity; genetics and genomics for improved crop cultivars; soil fertility; plant-soil-microbial interactions; agricultural technologies, innovations and data-driven decision systems; and impact of agricultural systems on the ecosystem.


Research including biodiversity and landscapes; ecosystem services and preservation; alternative crops; bioproducts and renewable resources; water and aquatic resources; novel approaches to create value-added products; natural resource conservation and management; and climate change.

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