Biotechnology plant lab samples

Our Work

Through the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station (AAES), our research is improving people’s lives while promoting the environmentally and socially responsible advancement of Alabama’s agricultural, forestry and related industries.

Our AAES research teams are spread across 15 research units throughout the state and five academic colleges and schools on the Auburn campus. Every day, these scientists and supporting personnel work with producers, businesses and communities to find solutions to issues that impact the people and economy of our state directly. As a result, farms are more profitable, food and fiber products are of greater quality and human health is improved.

In the AAES, we are also in the natural resources business. We nurture, grow and care for our communities’ most fundamental elements, ensuring a clean, healthy environment for the generations who will follow us.

Our heart at AAES has always been our work focusing on scientific investigation and research to solve long-range problems.

The Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station was established in 1883 through an act of the Alabama Legislature to conduct scientific research that would advance the state’s agricultural and forestry industries. 

With the future in mind, AAES is meeting the constantly increasing challenges and demands on the agriculture enterprise with a steady infusion of new information, knowledge, methods, and technology that can only be provided through agricultural research. Results increasing yields in countless examples of collaborative projects have collectively had a great impact on agricultural productivity in Alabama and around the world.