August 17

This season, the Early-Planted MG-4 trial at the EV Smith Research Center (EVSPBU) started off great.  However, things took a turn mid-season.

In this video, Dr. Eros Francisco – Extension Agronomist, Dr. Kathy Lawrence – Plant Pathologist, Henry Jordan – Variety Testing Manager, & Claire Schloemer – Plant Pathology Graduate Student discuss the symptoms of RKN, sampling techniques, and some management techniques.

The results of this trial demonstrate the importance of planting a tolerant variety in a field known to have RKN.  Yield data will be added to the variety selection platform at the end of the season.

The following data in-season data is available for the trial.

    • RKN gall scores
    • Number of RKN eggs per gram of root (this rating primarily shows that there was consistent pressure across the field)
    • Visual ratings of % of dead/dying plants in each plot
    • Variety-specific images of the plots in June, before RKN damage was evident
    • Variety-specific images of the diseased plots in July (available under the trial images icon)
    • Aerial photos of the trial