Auburn University has partnered with Medius Ag to create a variety selection tool for cotton and peanuts.  The end result is not just a tool, but a toolbox with multiple tools that will allow users to look at small plot variety trial data and large plot on-farm data in one location.

Currently, three years of data (2018-2020) have been uploaded to the platform.

screenshot of dashboard

screenshot of dashboard

The platform allows users to search for and query varieties based on the criteria of choice.  Users can view individual or multiple trials at once.  Data can be averaged and compared across locations and years.  Varieties can be compared side by side.  Analytics is a powerful tool that helps users visually evaluate the data.  The data center, a tool available to users that create a login, allows users to build charts and tables with the data.

For the 2021 season, both the official variety trial and on-farm variety trial results will be made available through the new AU Variety Selection Platform as results becomes available.

This video tutorial, goes over using the search feature, using the query feature, and using analytics.  More video tutorials and virtual training opportunities are on the agenda.

After you have checked out the tutorial, explore the platform and sign up for variety trial updates so that you can be notified when new data is uploaded.