We have completed the first year of an experiment designed to compare cover crop mixtures and three nitrogen (N) application rates in Shorter, AL. The cover crop mixtures tested were: 1) fallow; 2) Mixture 1 (Rye – 30 lb/ac + Crimson Clover 10 lb/ac; 3) Crimson Clover 20 lb/ac; 4) Mixture 2 (Rye – 30 lb/ac + Crimson Clover 20 lb/ac; and 5) Rye 90 lb/ac. The corresponding N rates, applied to the corn, were 150 lb N/ac, 200 lb N/ac, and 250 lb N/ac. A 0 lb N/ac was also included for uptake and nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) calculations.


This publication is a joint contribution of Auburn University, the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station, and the USDA Agricultural Research Service and National Soil Dynamics Laboratory. Research contained in the AU crops research reports was partially funded through the Alabama Cotton Commission, the Alabama Wheat and Feed Grains Producers, the Alabama Soybean Producers and private industry grants. All funding is appreciated.

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