Sand Mountain Research and Extension Center

Agriculture is the economic lifeblood of northeast Alabama’s rural Sand Mountain region, and for eight decades now, the Sand Mountain Research and Extension Center has played a key role in strengthening the area’s farm sector.

The goal of SMREC research is to develop farm management practices that will help the region’s livestock, poultry, row crop and commercial vegetable producers—particularly small-scale farmers—to operate more efficiently, sustainably and profitably.

Current Research Updates

  • Ryegrass varieties are being evaluated for maximum biological yield performance and agronomic characteristics. This will be useful to producers in the region with similar soil types and climate conditions and to researchers and ryegrass seed companies.
  • A long-term orchard grass fertility experiment is examining the effects of various fertility regimes, cutting heights and interactions between soil fertility and cutting heights in relationship to the persistence of the grass.
  • Foliar-applied fungicides are being evaluated for the control of mycotoxins in irrigated corn. A new center pivot irrigation system is enhancing the success of this project.