Plant Science Research Center

The primary purpose of the Plant Science Research Center is to provide greenhouse space and supporting facilities and services to research scientists of the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station. The Plant Science Research Center is dedicated to assisting scientists to meet the challenges that face Alabama agriculture presently and in the future.

  • A bacterium that causes incurable disease in grapes, blueberries, citrus, olive trees in Italy and other high-value crops is being studied to help determine the factors that influence the disease process of this dangerous plant pathogen.
  • Starter fertilizers and plant hormones are being evaluated to determine how they can be used to enhance early-season growth of cotton, soybeans and corn by eliminating the stress of parasitic nematodes and thereby enhancing yields.
  • Beneficial bacteria that promote plant growth are being tested as alternatives and enhancements to using traditional field pesticides to control cyst nematodes in soybeans and Southern root-knot nematodes in cotton.