Gulf Coast Research and
Extension Center

With its location one mile east of Mobile Bay and 30 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico, the Gulf Coast Research and Extension Center in Fairhope enjoys a climate that’s ideal for a highly diversified research program, and the GCREC takes full advantage of that. The long growing seasons and mostly mild winters allow for research on all of Alabama’s major row crops as well as on turfgrass, vegetable and fruit crops, pecans, beef cattle and forage. The GCREC’s top goal is to help southwest Alabama producers maximize their income.

Current Research Updates

  • Replacement heifers are being evaluated utilizing reproductive tract scoring and synchronizing estrus cycle to artificially inseminate the cattle all at one time. This process allows the young heifers to be bred early, improves genetics and helps the animals be more productive in the cow herd.
  • Genetically-modified Bt cotton and corn varieties have been in production for many years. Soybeans with the Bt technology are being evaluated to determine if this technology is a viable option in soybean production.
  • Grain sorghum production has increased in the Southeast, but a new pest, the sugarcane aphid, is causing problems for producers in the region. Insecticide evaluation trials are being conducted to determine the best products available to control this pest.