by Rita Grub

I bet you’re enjoying the warmer temps and signs of spring – soft greens and colors we haven’t seen for several months.  And maybe you’re like me – amazed that over 25% of 2014 is in the past.  It’s been a BUSY time for AWW:

  • There have been over 30 workshops and recertification sessions this year    awesome!!!
  • There have been 75 new Water Chemistry and 76 new Bacteriological monitors trained in these workshops
  • And almost 30 monitors have been recertifed!

This is possible because of AWW’s elite group of 32 fabulous Citizen Trainers – folks who have chosen to go above and beyond the call of duty to protect Alabama’s precious waters.  Special thanks to the following citizen trainers who have conducted workshops in 2014:

  • Elizabeth Brooke
  • Francine Hutchinson
  • Patti Hurley
  • John Kulbitskas
  • Homer Singleton
  • Mike Shelton
  • Taylor Steele
  • Ginger Taylor
  • Isabella Trussell
  • Susan (Soos) Weber

Find an AWW trainer near you at our website, at

We have five new Trainers in the AWW Trainer group! Please welcome:

Michael Freeman

Michael works with Auburn University’s Office of Environmental Safety and Health.
  He has served our country in the US Army and the US Coast Guard Reserve as an Environmental Specialist ( Michael recently joined the AWWA Advisory Committee, where his passion for life on the water shows in the great ideas and suggestions he’s proposed.

Christian Miller
Cmiller (2)

Christian is an Extension Specialist in Nonpoint Pollution at the Auburn University Marine Extension and Research Center in Mobile ( He also serves as the Coastal Basin Facilitator for the Alabama Clean Water Partnership and the Coordinator of the Alabama-Mississippi Clean Marina Program.  Christian completed his first Water Chemistry Internship at a workshop in Spanish Fort this past February, helping to certify 15 new monitors.

Stephen Morros

Stephen works for a healthcare technology company in Birmingham, but tries to spend as much time as possible at his home on Smith Lake.
  He serves as the secretary for SLEPC (Smith Lake Environmental Preservation Committee,, and is the music director for the Steel City Men’s Chorus.  Over the years Stephen has noticed water clarity deteriorate as development on Smith Lake continues and wants to help preserve the pristine waters of the lake.  He’s willing to conduct workshops in Birmingham during the week and in Cullman County on weekends.

Linda Ruethemann

Linda retired as Human Resources Director from AT & T in 2002 and moved to Logan Martin Lake, where she serves as the Vice President for Logan Martin Lake Protection Association ( Linda has always enjoyed helping people tackle and understand new information, and is looking forward to training new water monitors.  She’s been a water monitor for almost ten years, so her years of training experience and water monitoring are a great combo!  Linda is interested in training in Central Alabama, but will consider helping with workshops in North Alabama as needed.

Susan (Soos) Weber

Soos lives in Huntsville and is a forest and wetland ecologist.
  She serves as Vice President of the Flint River Conservation Association and works with several other environmental initiatives in Madison County (   Just to show what a go-getter Soos is – she’s already helped certify 13 new monitors during her Trainer Internship at a Bacteriological workshop conducted at A & M University a couple of weeks ago! She’s a true proponent of the AWW Program, having coordinated AWW workshops in Huntsville every other year for the last two decades.

Be sure to check the AWW website, and click WORKSHOP REGISTRATION for a workshop near you, and encourage friends, family, neighbors and coworkers to join the AWW bandwagon.  And consider joining this elite group of dedicated citizens as an AWW trainer to make a BIG difference in your community!

Ps. Be sure to put JUNE 28th on your calendars for the AWW Annual Meeting – rumor has it that it will be the best one yet!