Bankhead National Forest Monitoring Site

AUWRC Student Experiences

Students Conducting Steam Biomonitoring on Parkerson Mill Creek

Spots are limited and are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Requests must be submitted by August 31 for Fall 2022 and January 31 for Spring 2023. The Auburn University Water Resources Center (AUWRC) offers student experiences for Auburn University courses. The AUWRC recognizes the importance of experiential learning and is seeking to supplement traditional classroom education through outdoor experiences related to student coursework. 
Instructors can request activities and demonstrations from AUWRC’s programs that include:

    • Stream Biomonitoring with Alabama Water Watch (AWW) – up to 2 hours
    • Green Infrastructure Walking Tour with Alabama Watershed Stewards (AWS) – up to 1 hour
    • Stream Restoration Tour with Alabama Watershed Stewards (AWS) – up to 1 hour

AUWRC Staff will work closely with course instructors to determine a suitable location for the experience that is reasonably close to the University. Once the application is accepted, the date and time of the experience will be discussed with the instructor. The logistics and cost of transporting students to the location of the experience is the responsibility of the course instructor. 
Outdoor experiences must be scheduled between 8am – 4:30pm.

Students Being Instructed at Biomonitoring
Students Being Instructed Biomonitoring Gathered Around Instructor Sergio