Brewton Agricultural Research Unit

At the Brewton Agricultural Research Unit, the research emphasis is ever changing to meet the needs of researchers and producers.  With its sandy soils it is an ideal location for nematode research in several crops such as peanuts, cotton, and vegetables. There is a long term fertility study that can provide information on how different levels of nutrients effect the performance of various crops. The center also is involved in bioenergy research, with studies on switchgrass, bluestem and sorghum for use in biofuels. Past research has focused on ornamental crops and some of this research continues.

Current Research Updates

  • Researchers are working with Shell Oil Company on a project to evaluate forage sorghums as a potential bioenergy crop to produce alternative fuels for the future.
  • Disease pressure on cotton from target spot disease has increased in recent years, with the potential to drastically reduce yields. Fungicide applications and timing studies are being conducted to find the best solutions for producers.
  • Root-knot nematodes cause damage to several crops in Alabama. Evaluations of seed treatments and in-furrow insecticides on cotton and peanuts are being conducted.