Winston County Smith Lake Advocacy Group Receives Rise to the Future Award

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Congratulations to the Winston County Smith Lake Advocacy Group for receiving the Rise to the Future, National Hydrology, and Soil Science Award from the U.S. Forestry Service. WCSLAI was “recognized for their partnership with the National Forests in Alabama to sponsor lake shore clean up events as part of Alabama Power Company’s “Renew Our Rivers” campaign. Over the past six years, the partnership has engaged to the local community and convened hundreds of volunteers to remove approximately 180 tons of litter (appliances, Styrofoam, tires, boating and fishing accessories). Over 166 tributary river miles on Smith Lake have also been targeted. Winston County Smith Lake Advocacy Group is accredited for raising environmental awareness and engaging a broad coalition of community businesses and groups and the entire staff of the Bankhead National Forest in this effort. Click here to see all 2011 Rise to the Future winners.

The 2012 Rise to the Future Award was presented to the Bankhead National Forest and the Winston County Smith Lake Advocacy, Inc. for their partnership in restoring the aquatic envirnment at Smith Lake and surrounding areas. From left to right: Leslie Weldon, Deputy Cheif-National Forest System; Mary Wagner, Associate Chief-U.S. Forest Service; Allison Cochran, Wildlife Biologist-Bankhead National Forest;LaVerne Matheson, President-Winston County Smith Lake Advocacy, Inc., Anne Zimmerman, Director-Watershed, Fisheries, Wildlife, Air, & Rare Plant Program.

WCSLAI has a number of active volunteer monitors and have also played an integral role in developing and implementing the Rock Creek Watershed Management Plan which is being coordinated by Alabama Water Watch. They are very deserving of this national award, and we are proud of them!

AWW Director Bill Deutsch and staff member Mona Dominguez recently attended and gave a presentation during the annual WCSLAG public meeting in Arley, Alabama. Officers and the Board of Directors were recognized for their hard work during the meeting (photos below).


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