Junior Tigers Camp 2018

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The Department of Biosystems Engineering hosts the Junior Tigers Camp each year, which is an opportunity for high school students to learn about water contamination, how to take water samples, and ways we can mitigate harmful pollutants.

The camp, led by Biosystems professor Dr. David Blersch, conducted a lab experiment with the students to “introduce the concept of biofiltration using various materials for physical, chemical, and biological contamination in water sources,” according to Dr. Blersch.

Dr. Blersch discussed water quality testing with students.

The students were given materials to design and construct “low-impact” filters to clean water from surface waters.

The students also learned about the process of designing and conducting an experiment, how to record data, and important lab safety procedures, including the use of Personal Protection Equipment (gloves and glasses).

The students ran water samples through their filters and tested the water quality before and after the samples are filtered. They tested for many parameters, including pH, electrical conductivity, ammonium, nitrate and nitrite, phosphate, alkalinity, hardness, and fecal coliforms. The students used the Coliscan Easygel Method from Micrology Labs to test for fecal coliforms.

The Coliscan Easygel method shows the “raw” water sample prior to filtration versus the sample of water run through the filter designed by the students.

Students collect water samples at the Auburn University Memory Garden.

Happy sampling, Junior Tigers!


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