Check Your Certification Status!

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Please remember to check your certification status on your AWW Welcome Page periodically. We place a great importance on the credibility of AWW data, and one way to ensure credible results is to keep all of our monitor’s certifications up to date!

Q: How often do you need to recertify?

If you have recently attended an AWW workshop for your first certification, you will need to RECERTIFY about one year after the workshop. For volunteers who were recertified recently, you will need to recertify again in two years.

Q: What happens during recertification?

The recertification process simply involves you completing the sampling process (for Water Chemistry this means the collection of all 6 parameters – air and water temp, pH, hardness, alkalinity, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity) and filling out the corresponding monitoring datasheet in the company of an AWW staff member or a Volunteer Trainer.

Q: How do I check my certification status?

The red, yellow, and green dots to the left of the monitoring type relate to your status as an active monitor with AWW and serve as reminders to recertify.

A green dot means your “active” status is good for three or more months. A yellow dot means your recertification date is approaching, and you need to consider contacting the AWW Office or a Volunteer Trainer about recertification options soon. A red dot means your certification in that type of monitoring is past due and you need to get recertified as soon as possible.

When your certification in a monitoring method expires, you will not be able to select that data entry type unless you click the button next to “I will recertify within six months.” When you click this button, a message is sent to the AWW Office to notify us that you need recertification. Once we receive this message, we will get in contact with you to discuss options for recertification.

Don’t enter data online? No problem!

If you do not enter data online and send data via mail or email to the Alabama Water Watch Office, we will send you an email when we receive your data to let you know you need recertification.

You can contact the AWW Office at any time for information on your certification status.

As always, thank you to our volunteer monitors for all you do for Alabama Water Watch!


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