Change in Size and Packaging of Indicator Tablets for Total Alkalinity Test

by | Mar 5, 2019 | Alabama Water Watch, Uncategorized

LaMotte has recently made a change in the size and packaging of the BCG-MR Indicator Tablets (order code T-2311-J). 

Both bottle and tablets are now larger (see images below); however, the tablet formula and the procedure for the Total Alkalinity Test remain the same. 

The material in the kits is flexible, so with a little push the new, larger bottles will fit into the same spot as the smaller bottles in the kit.

You can also reuse the old bottles for the new tablets BUT if you do this, remember to label the bottle with the new bottle’s expiration date (see picture below of example of how to do this).

The previous tablets can still be used for the test as long as they are within their expiration date.
Please contact the AWW Office with any other questions or concerns.  

Happy Sampling!

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