by Eric Reutebuch

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By: Dr. Mimi Fearn – Co. Chair, 2017 Citizens Action Committee; Chair, DRCR Water Quality Monitoring Coordinator
Jason Kudulis – Monitoring and Science Coordinator, Mobile Bay National Estuary Program

Water watching is seeing a revival in the Mardi Gras City! Thanks to the efforts of Mobile Bay National Estuary Program and Dr. Mimi Fearn, former chair and faculty member in the Department of Earth Sciences  at University of South Alabama (retired), past president of the Dog River Clear Water Revival (DRCWR) and long-time water watcher and AWW water monitor trainer, the ranks of citizen monitors are growing as well as their watershed stewardship activities!

Eric Holladay testing water chemistry

Eric testing on Dog River just upstream from where Halls Mill and Rabbit Creek meet Alabama Water Watch site #06005027.

The DRCWR recently started a new column featuring local unsung monitor heroes working in the watershed. The first features Eric Holladay, one of DRCR’s veteran monitors. An ‘Eric’ with ties to AU who loves water watching – geez, he’s got to be a great guy!

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