2018 Monitor of the Year

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The Mullen Award for Monitor of the Year recognizes the volunteer monitors who submitted the most water data records in the past year. The 2018 Mullen Award winner is Janne Debes who submitted a total of 97 records (76 chemistry, 21 bacteria)!

Janne assists with Carolina with monitoring.

Janne was first certified as an AWW monitor less than 2 years ago (Dec. 2016). She spends time in both Auburn and at Lake Martin, and is part of both Save Our Saugahatchee and Lake Watch of Lake Martin. Anyone who meets Janne will be blown away by her great energy and passion for life and especially water watchin’.

Mona presents Janne with the Trainer of the Year Award at the August Save Our Saugahatchee meeting.

Every time she drops by the AWW Office, we are reminded of why we do what we do. Janne is always asking for more sites to monitor and she says she would happily monitor all day! We are so glad that she has become part of AWW.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication, Janne, and Happy Monitoring!

Other honorable mentions for the number of records submitted this year go to:

  1. Tracy McClure – 66 records (chem and bact)
  2. Edwin Calvert- 56 records (chem)
  3. Timothy McClure – 54 records (chem and bact)
  4. Linde Lynn – 48 Records


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