Beach Creek, Bear Creek, Big Indian Creek, Brooks Creek, Buffalo Creek, Cane Creek, Chulafinnee Creek, Dyne Creek, Kelley Creek, Ketchepedrakee Creek, Little River, Little Tallapoosa River, Owen Creek, Piney Creek, Silas Creek, Turkey Creek, Wedowee Creek

The Upper Tallapoosa tributaries flow through Carroll, Haralson, Heard, Paulding, and Polk counties in Georgia and Cleburne, Clay, and Randolph counties in Alabama. Major towns include Tallapoosa and Bremen in Georgia, and Heflin in Alabama. The majority of the upper basin occupies Georgia.

The Little Tallapoosa River in Carroll County GA is the major source of drinking water for the city of Carrollton. The river is designated as a drinking water stream from its headwaters to the drinking water intake site in Carrollton and as a fishing stream from the Carrollton intake to the Alabama-Georgia state line. Georgia’s DNR has a 14 mile segment of the river listed as partially impaired due to fecal coliform bacteria.

R.L. Harris Dam which forms Lake Wedowee is found in this section. The waters of Lake Wedowee back up the river into Georgia.

Allen Creek, Buck Creek, Cedar Creek, Chatahospee Creek, Chikasanoxee Creek, Cornhouse Creek, County Line Creek, Crooked Creek, Eagle Creek, Emuckfaw Creek, Enitachopco Creek, Finley Creek, Hackney Creek, High Pine Creek, Hillabee Creek, Little Chatahospee, Little Sandy Creek, Martin Lake, Sandy Creek, Town Creek, Wesobulga Creek, Wild Cat Creek

The Middle Tallapoosa tributaries flow through Chambers, Coosa, Clay, Elmore, Lee, Randolph, and Tallapoosa counties in Alabama. Major towns include Roanoke, Alexander City and Dadeville, Alabama.

Lake Martin sits in this section of the Tallapoosa.

Bughall Creek, Calebee Creek, Channahatchee Creek, Chewacla Creek, Chubbehatchee, Cubahatchee, Johnsons Creek, Line Creek, Miller Creek, Old Town Creek, Opintlocco Creek, Panther Creek, Slaughter Creek, Sougahatchee Creek, Stone Creek, Tumkeehatchee Creek, Uphapee Creek

The Lower Tallapoosa tributaries flow through Chambers, Montgomery, Bullock, Elmore, Lee, Macon, Pike, and Russell conties.

Uphapee Creek is adversely affected by headcuts. (State of Rivers FWS ’98 recovery plan?)