The tributaries of the Escatawpa flow through George, Wayne, Greene, and Jackson counties in Mississippi and through Washington and Mobile counties in Alabama.

Upper Escatawpa Tributaries (sections occurring in Alabama)

Brushy Creek, Creeping Swamp Creek, Red Bank Creek, Bennett Creek, Big Creek, Big Creek Lake, Black Creek, Flat Creek, Franklin Creek, Jackson Creek, Miller Creek, Nobodies Creek, Pasture Creek, Pine Branch Creek, Pond Creek, Puppy Creek,

After the mainstem of the Escatawpa begins in Washington County, it flows due south.

The very first tributary to enter the Escatawpa is Red Bank Creek. Before this confluence on the Escatawpa’s eastern bank, the mainstem Escatawpa passess under a bridge at Highway 56. Creeping Swamp Creek enters next, just over a mile downstream, and along the same bank.

Brushy Creek is born right at the Alabama/Mississippi state line and parallels highway 45 past the towns of Yellow Pine and Fruitdale before entering the Escatawpa on its western bank. Brushy Creek is considered to have outstanding scenic and recreation values and was considered for inclusion in the nation’s Wild and Scenic Rivers Protection Act during a study performed in the early ’80s.

Big Creek, like the Escatawpa, originates in Alabama and flows into Mississippi, joining the Escatawpa about nine miles northeast of Robertson Lake. Big Creek Lake, formed by the damming of Big Creek in Mobile County was a source of controversy regarding the equitable apportionment of limited fresh water resources between the states of Mississippi and Alabama in the early eighties. (Sage) The City of Mobile utilizes waters from Big Creek Lake for their municipal drinking water supply, decreasing available flow for downstream uses in Mississippi.