Protection Activities

The Choctawhatchee-Pea Rivers Improvement Association was formed January 30, 1989, by a group of citizens concerned with developing the natural resources of the Choctawhatchee and Pea Rivers. In December of 1989, the organization filed a petition for the creation of a conservancy district. The association became the Choctawhatchee-Pea Rivers Conservancy District. In May of 1991, the Alabama Legislature passed Act 91-602 authorizing the establishment of watershed management authorities with the intent of protecting and managing the watersheds of the State of Alabama. The Choctawhatchee-Pea Rivers Watershed Management Authority became the first watershed management authority created under this law in Alabama. It remains the only authority in the state as of October 2001.

The Choctawhatchee-Pea Watershed Management Authority is charged with the responsibility in matters relating to water conservation, water usage, flood prevention, flood control, water pollution control, habitat protection, agriculture and erosion control. These are arranged into four management elements 1)water quantity, 2) water quality, 3) flood control, 4) education. The Authority won a Gulf Guardians Award and has received national acclaim for their recent Unpaved Road and Erosion and Sediment Control Project.(CPRWMA-plan)

The Choctawhatchee Basin Alliance is a partnership of citizens, agencies, and local businesses organized to promote ecosystem management and sustainable development for Choctawhatchee Bay and its watershed. Their offices are located in Destin, Florida.

The Alabama Environmental Council recognizes the Choctawhatchee River as one of ten Natural Wonders that represent the scenic and ecological diversity of Alabama.

The Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Alabama Forestry Commission both have field personnel that assist in the implementation of conservation practices to reduce soil erosion and improve water quality.