Recreation and Protected Areas

The Eufaula National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1964 on the Walter F. George Lake (LakeEufala). The refuge lies from river mile 104 to 116 within Barbour and Russell Counties in Alabama and Stewart and Quitman counties in GA.

This 11,184 acre refuge was once heavily forested in longleaf and slash pine tops and hardwood bottoms but past land use has changed the land cover. Heavily managed for many species of birds. Many acres of open water and wetlands managed by water pumps. Cooperative farming program uses 1,200 acres for farming with which two farmers cultivate the land and leave 25 percent of the harvest in the field for foraging wildlife.

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Fishing the Chattahoochee – Fred C. Fussell, Historic Chattahoochee Commission


The Chattahoochee State Park is Alabama’s eastern most state park and is located in the southeastern corner where the Chattahoochee leaves Alabama and flows into Florida.