Autauga Creek, Big Swamp Creek, Bridge Creek, Buck Creek, Cahaba River, Catoma Creek, Cherry Creek, Deposit Creek, Lake Creek, Little Catoma Creek, Little Mulberry Creek, Mid Fork, Mortar Creek, Mulberry Creek, Old Town Creek, Panther Creek, Pinchony Creek, Pintalla Creek, Ramer Creek, Steer Creek, Swift Creek, Tallawassee Creek, Valley Creek 

Upper Alabama tributaries occur in Crenshaw, Dallas, Montgomery, Bibb, Bullock, Elmore, Lowndes, Autauga, and Chilton counties. Major cities in this portion of the basin include Montgomery, Prattville, Millbrook and Selma.

Autauga Creek flows next to Prattville and joins the Alabama River on its west bank. The name Autauga is thought to be derived from atigi which is Creek for border.

Big Swamp Creek begins in the southeast corner of Lowndes County and follows a diagonal path to the northwest corner of the county where it joins the Alabama River on its southern bank at Benton. It was named Big Swamp Creek, opilofa or swamp and lako big, by the Creek Indians. (Read)

The Cahaba River is discussed in detail in the Cahaba River watershed summary. The Cahaba joins the Alabama on the northern bank just a few miles south of Selma.

Baptizing Creek, Bear Creek, Beaver Creek, Big Swamp Creek, Bogue Chitto Creek, Cedar Creek, Chaney Creek, Chilatchee Creek, Dixon Creek, Dry Cedar Creek, Dry Creek, Goose Creek, Gravel Creek, James Creek, Mccalls Creek, Mud Creek, Mush Creek, Pine Barron Creek, Prairie Creek, Pursley Creek, Red Creek, Rockwest Creek, Sturdevant Creek, Turkey Creek, Washington Tr, Wolf Creek

Middle Alabama tributaries occur in Butler, Dallas, Marengo, Clarke, Lowndes, Wilcox, Perry, Conecuh, and Monroe counties. Major cities in this portion of the basin include Camden and Uniontown.

Bogue Chitto Creek begins in Perry County just west of Marion and flows into Dallas County where it joins the Alabama River on its northern bank at Lake Dannelly. Its name is derived from the Choctaw word Bok meaning creek and Chito meaning big.

Bear Creek, Big Flat Creek, Bradley Mill Creek, Brushey Creek, Holly Mill Creek, Limestone Creek, Little Reedy Creek, Little River, Lovetts Creek, Pine Log Creek, Randons Creek, Robinson Creek, Silver Creek, Sizemore Creek, Tallahatchee Creek, Tombigbee River, Walkers Creek, Wallers Creek

Lower Alabama tributaries occur in Baldwin, Escambia, Clarke, Wilcox, Conecuh, Mobile, and Monroe counties. Monroeville is the only major city in this portion of the basin.