Survey of Opinions of Alabama Citizens Related to Water Resources and Water Policy and Law

In January of 2009, the Auburn University Water Resources Center, the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, the Butler-Cunningham Endowment, and the Alabama Department of Environmental Management jointly commissioned the Center for Governmental Services at Auburn University to conduct a public opinion survey on water-related issues, and other environmental concerns. The primary objective of the study was to assess Alabamians’ perceptions and attitudes about water resources and to inventory public opinion concerning policy issues related to the management, conservation and enhancement of Alabama’s water resources. A random sample of 10,000 Alabama residents was used to contact 2,148 individuals by phone. 412 residents completed the questionnaire.

An Executive Summary of survey results is available online.

For complete survey results, contact: Dr. Sam Fowler, Director of the Water Resources Center, at: (334) 750-1226.