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The goal of the Alabama Water Resources Research Institute is to support research and training that is responsive to the identified priority problems of our State and the Southeastern Region of the United States. Virtually all “national” water resources problems are thereby covered. We focus on research proposals that have a high probability of producing useful results and/or attracting more adequate funding based on positive results.

WRRI Grant Announcements

National Grants

The National Institutes for Water Resources and U.S. Geological Survey award grants annually under the USGS Section 104(G) Competitive Grants Program. A list of awards is found on their web page as well as listings for all state awarded Section 104(b) programs.

State Grants

Previous Grants 

YearP.I.Project Title
2019Jennifer Howeth
University of Alabama
Beaver Impoundments as Flow Experiments:
Effects of Dam Removal on Instream Flow,
Water Quality, and Species Diversity
2019Frances O’Donnell
Auburn University
Cost Optimization of Green Infrastructure
for Stormwater Management.
2019Matt Waters
Auburn University
Sediment Transport, Nutrient Deposition, and
Water Quality Through Time for the Coosa
River: The Paleolimnology of Weiss Lake and
Lay Lake.
YearP.I.Project Title
2018Loka Ashwood
& Ming-Kuo Lee
Auburn University
Assessing Socio-Environmental Factors
In The Cleburne County, Alabama,
Childhood Leukemia Cluster
2018Thorsten Knappenberger
& Elise Irwin
Auburn University
Integrating Sonar And Aerial Photogrammetry
To Quantify Habitat Persistence For Shoal
Dwelling Fishes And Invertebrates In Relation
To Flow Prescriptions.
2018Jose G. Vasconcelos
Auburn University
& Leigh G. Terry
University of Alabama
Application of Cellular Confinement Systems
to Mitigate Sediment Related Issues in
Stormwater Systems
YearP.I.Project Title
2017Nathasha Dimova
University of Alabama

T. Prabhakar Clement
Auburn University
Significance Of The Coastal Sediments
As A Source/Sink Of Nutrients To Coastal
Waters In The Mobile Ba
2017 Di Tian
Latif Kalin
Auburn University
Alan L. Peeples
Alabama Power
Enhancing Seasonal Hydrological Forecasts
in the Alabama-Coosa-Tallapoosa (ACT)
River Basin using the North American
Multi-Model Ensemble
2017 Geoffrey Tick
University of Alabama
Utilizing Biogeochemical Cycling Processes
for the Remediation/Treatment of Persistent
Perfluorinated Chemical (PFCs) in Soil and
YearP.I.Project Title
2016Mark Elliott
University of Alabama 
Kevin White
University of South Alabama
Parrish Pugh
ADPH, Montgomery
Robert Jones
& Chandra Lynn Jones
Down to Earth, Inc.
Onsite Wastewater Management in Hale
and Wilcox Counties: Failing Septic Systems,
Direct Discharge by “Straight Pipes” and
Microbial Source Tracking
2016 Yuehan Lu
Eben N. Broadbent
Angelica A. Zambrano
University of Alabama
Integrating Remote Sensing and
Biogeochemical Characterizations at High
Resolutions to Determine Source and Amount
of Inorganic and Organic Nutrients Exported
from Agricultural Watersheds
2016Sarah Praskievicz
Bennett Bearden
Andy Ernest
University of Alabama
Science and Policy of Environmental Instream
Flows in the Tombigbee River Basin,
Alabama and Mississippi: An Interstate
YearP.I.Project Title
2015Heather Elliot
University of Alabama
Water Policy and Law in Alabama
(Year Two)
2015 James Stoeckel
Auburn University
Evaluation of Thermal and Dissolved Oxygen
Stress to Freshwater Mussels in a
Safe Harbor / Critical Habitat Reach of an
Alabama Stream
2015Luxin Wang
Auburn University
Identification of Pollution Sources on
Agricultural Farms and Evaluation of
New Fecal Indicators for Surface Water
Quality Monitoring
YearP.I.Project Title
2014Heather Elliot
University of Alabama
Water Policy and Law in Alabama
2014 Luxin Wang
Auburn University
Examination of Bacterial Levels in Water
and Sediment for the Development of
Refined Monitoring Protocols for Inland
Recreational Water
YearP.I.Project Title
2013Clifford Lange
Auburn University
Assessment of Storm water Quality through
Porous Pavement Systems

2013 Derek Williamson
University of Alabama
Guidance Document for more Cost-Effective
Sampling of Biological Responses to Nutrient
Loads in Streams and Rivers
2013Alan Wilson
Auburn University
Developing and Contrasting Nutrient Criteria
Thresholds for Four Alabama Reservoirs
YearP.I.Project Title
2012 Yucheng Feng
Auburn University
Quantitative PCR-Based Assays for Detection
of Wildlife and Pet Fecal Pollution in Water
2012 Jason Kirby
University of
Experimental Investigation of Stormwater
Runoff Quality Originating from Urban
Vegetated Roofs
2012Son Ahjeong
Auburn University
Development of an In-Situ Capable
Method for Detecting Pathogenic Bacteria
in the Alabama Water Supplies
YearP.I.Project Title
2011Russell B. Muntifering
Auburn University
Forage and Fertilization Management Practices
to Ensure Quality of Runoff from Pasture under
Grazing Beef Cattle
2011 Ahjeong Son
Auburn University
Development of an In-Situ Capable Method
for Detecting Pathogenic Bacteria in the
Alabama Water Supplies
2011 Amy Wright
Auburn University
Utilizing Greywater for Landscape and
Green Roof Irrigation
YearP.I.Project Title
2010Jennifer Edmonds
University of Alabama
Nitrogen Retention in Riverine Shoal Habitat
of Central Alabama (AL): An Assessment of
Direct and Indirect Mechanisms
2010Jason Kirby
University of Alabama
at Birmingham
Experimental Investigation of Runoff
Mitigation from Vegetated Roofs
2010Ahjeong Son
Auburn University
Development of an In-Situ Capable Method
for Detecting Pathogenic Bacteria in the
Alabama Water Supplies