Mission and Vision


The mission of the Auburn University Water Resources Center is to facilitate successful collaboration among Auburn University faculty and staff on multi-disciplinary, water-related research, outreach, and teaching; and to facilitate the active involvement of private citizens in the stewardship of water resources.


The vision of the Auburn University Water Resources Center is for water resources to be managed in a more informed and enlightened manner, resulting in healthy ecosystems as well as equitable and sustainable use of water resources for multiple uses.


  • To provide water managers and policy makers with science-based, water-related information they can use in decision-making to better manage Alabama’s water resources.
  • To encourage the sustainable and equitable use of water resources to support a wide variety of uses (economic, environmental, recreational, etc.).
  • To promote stewardship of local, regional, national and international water resources through training of volunteer citizen water quality monitors.
  • To assist private citizens in understanding and using water-related information and knowledge.


To achieve its mission, vision, and objectives, the Auburn University Water Resources Center consists of interdisciplinary teams of research, teaching, and Extension outreach faculty and staff who address all types of water-related issues in Alabama, the Southeast, and around the globe.  The research activities are funded through the Alabama Water Resources Research Institute, the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station, and a wide variety of extramural sources.  The outreach activities are done through the Alabama Cooperative Extension System and through programs such as Alabama Water Watch and Global Water Watch.