Fall 2018 Field Experiences Recap

During the Fall 2018 semester, AUWRC staff worked with two classes to conduct field experiences, reaching nearly 60 students. We worked with the Live Green Save Green Freshmen Experience course and the Introduction to Environmental Engineering class.

First Year Seminar: Live Green Save Green

Dr. Christopher Wyckoff

Field Experiences: Stream Restoration Tour, Stream Biomonitoring Demonstration, Water Chemistry Monitoring Demonstration

The Live Green Save Green (LGSG) students conducted an analysis of dissolved oxygen at the Wellness Kitchen Restoration Project on Parkerson Mill Creek to observe the changes in dissolved oxygen upstream and downstream of in-stream structures called rock cross vanes. Rock cross vanes are often used in natural channel design restoration projects to re-direct streamflow to the center of the channel and away from the banks to prevent erosion. These structures also create riffles that can introduce dissolved oxygen into a waterbody. After their analysis, the found that the structures did indeed increase the concentration of dissolved oxygen in the waterbody!

Students conduct dissolved oxygen analysis at the Wellness Kitchen Restoration Project on Parkerson Mill Creek.

Introduction to Environmental Engineering

Dr. Lauren Beckingham

Field Experiences: Bacteriological Monitoring and Stream Biomonitoring Demonstrations

Students help Sergio complete the biotic index using stream macroinvertebrates as bio-indicators of stream health.

Students from Introduction to Environmental Engineering helped conduct a stream bioassessment on Parkerson Mill Creek near the wastewater treatment plant off of Sand Hill Road in Auburn. Students found mayflies, caddisflies, snails, bloodworms, craneflies, hellgrammites, and many other critters. According to the critters, the stream is in decent health!

Field experience spots for Spring 2019 are limited and are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please apply via the form at the following link http://aaes.auburn.edu/wrc/education/auwrc-field-experiences/


See you out in the field!