Citizen Water Quality Monitoring Programs

In the spirit of our mission, the AUWRC works collaboratively with faculty across Auburn University’s campus to extend scientific advancements in water resources management to stakeholders throughout the state, southeast, and nation. AUWRC’s extension/outreach mission is fulfilled through a number of programs including the following citizen water quality monitoring programs:

AWW is a statewide citizen volunteer program devoted to the development of water quality monitoring by:

  • Educating citizens on water issues
  • Training citizens to gather credible water data
  • Empowering citizens to make a positive  impact in their watershed

The 4-H Alabama Water Watch (AWW) Program is versatile and can be used for enrichment, in-school, after-school, community, and specialty clubs, and 4-H individual study. It can also be incorporated into a service project.

GWW is a world-wide network of water monitoring groups that fosters watershed stewardship through the development of citizen volunteer monitoring of surface waters for the improvement of both water quality and public health.