Affiliate Programs

The Pepperell Branch Watershed Partnership, a citizen-directed project, has the objective to develop a plan to establish and implement best management practices that will improve the water quality in Pepperell Branch by reducing pollution sources throughout the watershed. The ultimate goal is for the creek to meet water quality standards all year long. Public engagement is encouraged!

Please contact Dr. Eve Brantley (Alabama Cooperative Extension) if you are interested in participating!

Young Water Ambassadors

The Birmingham Water Works Young Water Ambassadors (YWA) program consists of 100 area high school juniors and seniors who spend their summer working and learning about the Birmingham Water Works and its operations. The Birmingham Water Works initiated this six-week program to impress upon our students the importance of conserving and protecting water. The Young Water Ambassador Program is targeted toward students that are interested in Science and Environmental Studies.

Since 2010, the AU Water Resources Center has hosted the YWA for a two-day visit to Auburn to explore AU curricula and career opportunities in water resources outreach, research and management. During their visit, YWAs learn about fisheries management, water resources sustainability, numerous career options in water resources management, stormwater runoff issues and low impact development, monitoring water with the Alabama Water Watch program and Alabama’s diverse geology and flora and fauna.
By providing education and some hands on work experience, the program encourages YWAs to make a difference in their respective communities by raising the public’s awareness of water conservation and other important information about water.
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