How to Become an Official Participant in a Multistate Project

Multistate Research Projects (formerly called “Regional Projects”) (MRPs) involve cooperative, jointly planned research employing multidisciplinary approaches to solve problems of concerns to multiple states or across a region.

MRPs provide a ‘plan of research’ for 5-years, and can serve as an AAES project for research appointments when filed in REEport. Faculty are required to have AAES projects in order to access resources of the experiment station such as outlying units, Research Operations, etc.

To View the Proposal:

  • Go to the National Information Management Support System (NIMSS) at
  • Use the Search NIMSS box to search by keyword or project number, or the Sort by Region function to find a list of projects by region.
  • Select View by the project you wish to view.

To Become an Official Participant of a Multistate Project:

To Create and Submit an Appendix E for a Proposed Project:

  • Go to the National Information Management Support System (NIMSS) at
  • Insert your AU email address and NIMSS password. (If you are a new user, you’ll need to register by clicking New User.)
  • On the left-side menu, select Participants then select Draft/Edit, then Draft New.
  • Enter the project number, e.g. W_TEMP2462, and username.
  • Fill out the form.
  • Click on “Submit.”

Please contact the Administrative Advisor (as appropriate) if you have questions about the proposed project.

Contact your System Administrator at if you have questions about the use of NIMSS.