Links for Researchers

At Auburn University, we support a variety of research projects and initiatives that will improve lives and communities through our state and around the world. Use the following links to find a variety of resources and materials that will help make your research a success.

AU Procurement and Payment Services

AU Spending Policies and Procedures State, Domestic and International Travel Policies
College of Agriculture Office of Global Programs Professional Services Contract

International Travel

International travel requires submission of the Request Authorization to Travel (RAT50) form, available through AU Access.

Travel Reimbursement

Reimbursement for expenses incurred through state, domestic or international travel may be submitted through the eTravel Voucher available through Self-Service Banner.

Funding Agencies

NSF* Southern Rural Development Center
Horticultural Research Institute (HRI of the ANLA) Noyes Foundation
Cotton Inc.

*For Fastlane help, contact Tony Ventimiglia in AU’s Sponsored Programs.

**AALGA competitive research grants are small “seed” grants awarded to teams made up of faculty representing Auburn, Alabama A&M and Tuskegee universities. Funded projects seek to identify and find solutions for the most critical Alabama agriculture-related problems.

View USDA NIFA Funding Opportunities and 2016 RFA due dates.