September 22 – Yield data is available for the Fayette County, AL on-farm trial.

Disease and insect ratings are available for the TVREC OVTs.

September 15 – Yield data is available for the irrigated and non-irrigated OVT corn trials at the Tennessee Valley Research and Extension Center (TVREC) in Belle Mina, AL.

Yield data is available for the irrigated OVT corn trial at the Prattville Agricultural Research Unit (PARU) in Prattville, AL.  The non-irrigated trial at this location was scheduled for harvest on September 14, but harvest had to be postponed due to rain.

September 1 –Yield data is available for the OVT corn at the EV Smith Research Center (EVSRC) in Shorter, AL.  This trial had extreme stink bug and disease pressure reducing yields dramatically.  Therefore, the yields are not representative of the trial’s true genetic potential.

Extension Entomologist, Katelyn Kesheimer, took disease and insect ratings on the OVT corn trials this season.  Her ratings for the BARU and GCREC-Irrigated are now available in the platform.  You will have to click on the ratings tab to find them.

Photos of the EVS and BARU trials are also available on the platform.  Click the view images icon associated with the trial.

August 26 – Yield data is available for the OVT corn at the Brewton Agricultural Research Unit in Brewton, AL.

Weather and management information has been updated for all three GCREC trials.  As you view the trials in the new platform, there are two new features for the 2021 data.  The trial events button shows the trial management throughout the season.  The weather data button shows both management and environmental conditions for the season.

August 25 – Auburn University Variety Testing is rolling out a new data delivery system.  The new system will allow users to utilize the data in a much more effective manner.  The Variety Selection Platform currently has 2019 & 2020 OVT data.  Data from the 2021 trials is being added as it becomes available.  To see some of the platform’s capabilities and learn how to use it, check out the videos.  The PDF report is still available for those who prefer the old data delivery system.

Update for 8/25 – Yield data is available for the on-farm corn variety trial at the Gulf Coast Research and Extension Center (Baldwin County) in Fairhope, AL.

August 24 – Harvest season for the 2021 Auburn University Corn Variety Trials is underway.  As additional yield data makes its way in from the field, updates will be posted here.

Results are in PDF format and are mobile friendly.  Click the links in the table of contents to skip to the data you would like to view or scroll through the entire document.

Yield data is available for corn trials at Gulf Coast Research and Extension Center (GCREC) in Fairhope, AL.

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PARU Irrigated

TVREC Irrigated

TVREC Non-Irrigated

EVSRC Non-Irrigated

BARU Non-Irrigated

GCREC Irrigated

GCREC Non-Irrigated

On-Farm Trials

Baldwin County

Fayette County