September 24 – Prior to planting, the peanut entries were divided into four maturity groups.  Plots of the earliest maturity group, in both the irrigated and non-irrigated trials at the WGREC, were dug/inverted on September 23.  These plots will be harvested with a research combine in the coming days.

 September 23 – On August 24th, the Wiregrass Research and Extension Center (WGREC) conducted a virtual field day through their social media page. 

Field Day Videos:

Peanut Extension Agronomist, Dr. Kris Balkcom discusses the peanut variety trial in this video and shows individual varieties in the trial. 

In his second video, Dr. Balkcom discussed peanut planter technology and metering.

Auburn University’s Peanut Breeder, Dr. Charles Chen discusses his peanut breeding lines in this video.

Extension Professor, Dr. Ayanava Majumdar has two videos that discuss peanut insects.  Video 1 is in the field and in video 2 he continues his discussion in classroom format.

To view other topics covered during the event, visit the WGREC Facebook page.

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