Rural Life and Economics

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Bulletin Number Title
434 Buying Behavior and Decisions about the Purchase of Dairy Products by Urban Families at Three Income Levels (1972)
438 The Process of Choice Used by Alabama Urban Homemakers in Food-Buying Decision (1972)
446 Reaching the Hard to Reach with EFNEP (1973)
453 The Economy of Talladega County, Alabama: An Input-Output Analysis with Special Reference to the Effects of Watershed Development (1974)
456 Indexes of Prices Received by Alabama Farmers Revised: 1959-1973 (1974)
457 Marinas in Alabama (1974)
462 Full Time Hired Farm Labor in Alabama’s Black Belt (1974)
464 Planning for Community Services in Rural Areas: A Regional Approach to Solid Waste Management (1975)
466 Farm Estate Planning in Alabama (1975)
469 Profiling the Woods-Burner: An Analysis of Fire Trespass Violations in the South’s National Forests (1975)
470 Scheduling and Application Rates of Irrigation in Humid Climates (1975)
471 Alabama Population Change: With Emphasis on the Last Half Century (1920-1979) (1975)
474 Seasonal Changes in Prices of Major Alabama Farm Commodities and Feeds Purchased (1975)
475 Full Time Hired Labor on Alabama Dairy Farms (1975)
479 Implications of Watershed Development on Land Value and Landowner Attitudes (1976)
480 Instant Jelly Concentrates for Home Processing (1976)
481 Alabama’s Land Resources: A Review of the Need for Critical Protection (1976)
482 The Cost of Money: A Look at Interest Rates and Government Regulations (1976)
483 Variations in Rural Land Values in the Black Belt Region of Alabama (1976)
487 Use of Cash Flow Statements as a Financial Management Tool (1977)
491 Economic Impact of Uncontrolled White-Fringed Beetle Damage to Peanut Farmers in Alabama, Georgia and Florida (1977)
492 The Effect and Use of Alternative Credit Policies on the Financial Growth of an Alabama Farm (1977)
494 Alabama Agriculture 1950-1976: Year of Change and Progress (1977)
498 Camping Demand in Alabama (1978)
500 Agricultural Lending in Selected Agriculturally Oriented Alabama Commercial Banks (1978)
502 Estate Planning: Problems and Procedures Encountered by Alabama Farmers (1978)
504 Variations in Rural Land Values in the Wire grass Region of Alabama (1978)
507 Population Migration in Alabama 1960-1975 Trends and Implications (1978)
508 Development Characteristics in Non Metropolitan Alabama: Social Indicators and Industrialization (1979)
509 Forward Contracting of Cotton (1979)
510 Using Farm Machinery Effectively (1979)
511 Efficient Vehicle Route: A Milk Distribution Example (1979)
512 An Analysis of the Rural Land Market in the Limestone Soil Region of Alabama (1979)
513 Marketing of Alabama Cotton Methods and Problems (1979)
518 Managerial Ability and Its Effects on Farm Growth (1980)
520 Agricultural Lending Profitability for Alabama Commercial Banks (1980)
523 Grain Firms and Grain Movements in Alabama in 1977 (1980)
524 Soybean Basis Pattern in Alabama Market Areas (1980)
526 Legal Knowledge Possessed by Alabama Farmers Illustrated by Fact Situations and Legal Solutions (1980)
527 Use of Marketing Alternatives for Major Crops Produced in Alabama(1981)
529 Commercial Turfgrass-Sod Production in Alabama (1981)
535 Alabama Farm Operator Perspectives On A Changing Structure of Agriculture (1982)
540 International Trade in Soybeans and Products Implications of Alabama (1982)
542 Legal Entanglements Common to Alabama Farmers (1982)
544 Pick-Your-Own and Farmers’ Markets Direct Marketing Alternatives for Alabama Growers (1982)
548 Effect of Production and Credit Management Factors on Catfish Investment and Profitability (1983)
549 Alabama Broilers: Product Form, Market Destination, and Consumer Preferences (1983)
551 Characteristics and Legal Requirements for the Various Forms of Business Organization Available to Alabama Farmers (1983)
552 Characteristics, Advantages, and Disadvantage of the Various Forms of Business Organization Used by Alabama Farmers (1983)
554 Private Landownership in Alabama (1983)
565 Industry Attitudes Toward A Computerize Marketing System for Fresh Fruits and Vegetable in Alabama (1985)
568 An Economic Analysis of Selected Alabama Dairy Farms (1985)
578 Legal Knowledge of Estate Planning Possessed by Alabama (1986)
580 Estate Planning for Alabama Farms A Case Study (1986)
581 Tools of Estate Planning for Alabama Farms (1986)
582 Farming, Food & Agriculture Outlooks and Perceptions of Alabama Residents (1987)
583 Determining the Economic Effects of Off-Flavor Catfish (1987)
586 Wholesale Market Potential for Fresh Vegetable Grown in North Alabama (1987)
587 Hazardous Waste and Emergency Planning (1987)
589 Production and Marketing of Azaleas in Baldwin and Mobile Counties Alabama (1987)
590 Alabama Grain Marketing System in the 1980 (1988)
592 Economic Effects of Increased Vertical Control in Agriculture: The Case of the U.S. Egg Industry (1988)
596 Marketing Alternatives for East Alabama Catfish Producers (1989)
597 Econometric Analysis of Demand and Price-Markup Functions for Catfish at the Processor Level (1989)
602 Rural Land Markets in Alabama (1989)
605 Adoption and Diffusion Potentials for Bovine Somatotropin in the Southeast Dairy Industry (1990)
607 Effects of Catfish Advertising on Consumers’ Attitudes, Purchase Frequency, and Farmers’ Incomes (1990)
610 Alabama’s Turfgrass-Sod Industry (1991)
611 Retail Grocery Markets for Catfish (1991)
612 Consumer Response to A News Lean Ground Beef Product: Results from a Home-Use Comparative Test of AU LEAN (1991)
613 Market for Agricultural Land in the Rural-Urban Fringe of Dothan, Alabama (1992)
614 Systems Simulations of Strategies for Reducing the Economic Risks of Producing and Marketing of Corn in North Alabama (1992)
616 Crime and Alabama Farms: Victimization Action (1992)
621 Economic Analysis of Effluent Control from Catfish Ponds (1994)
623 Organization Impacts and Prospects for the Breeding and Rasing of Horses in Alabama (1994)
625 Economic Feasibility of Turfgrass-Sod Production (1994)
646 Core Conservation Practices: Adoption Barriers Perceived by Small and Limited Resource Farmers (2001)
649 Controlling the Southern Pine Beetle: Small Landowner Perceptions and Practices
653 Turfgrass-Sod Production in Alabama: Economics and Marketing (2003)
662 Alabama Equine Industry: Inventory, Impacts, and Prospects (2006)
664 Forage-Fed Beef Attributes: Consumer Preferences and Willingness-to-Pay (2006)
667 Heir Property: Legal and Cultural Dimensions of Collective Landownership (2007)
672 Prospects for Biofuels in Alabama: A Synthesis of Expert Opinion (2009)
674 Farm Operator Perceptions of Barriers to the Use of Irrigation in Alabama (2011)
Circular Number Title
226 Use of Low Water Level in Boiling Water Bath Canning (1976)
232 Simplified Programming as A Farm Management (1977)
243 Information Needs of and Sources Used by Alabama Farmers (1979)
246 The Structure of Black-Operated Agriculture in Alabama: Characteristics and Trends (1980)
249 Objective Credit Scoring of Alabama Borrower (1980)
257 A Benchmark Study of the Southern United States Packing Industry (1981)
266 Improving Market Coordination in the Feeder Cattle Market Board Association in Alabama (1983)
268 Part-Time Farming in Alabama: Characteristics and Consequences (1983)
275 Impact of Agricultural Exports on Alabama’s Economy (1985)
287 Catfish Farming Risks in Alabama (1986)
290 Financial Stress, Debt Use, and Cost Control Among Sample Alabama Farms (1987)
297 Environmental Consequences of Animal Waste Disposal Farm Operator Perspective and Practices (1989)
300 Economic Risk and the 92-Year “Old Rotation”–Implications for a 250-Acre Farm (1990)
303 Feed Grain Production and Utilization Estimates Alabama by the Year 2000 (1990)
306 Foreign Ownership of and Interest in Alabama’s Agricultural Land (1991)
Special Report Number Title
4 Marketing Alabama-Grown Forage-Fed Beef (2006)
5 Conversion of Rural Land to Recreational Sportfishing Use: An Economic Analysis (2006)
6 Integration of Hydroponic Tomato and Indoor Recirculating Aquaculture Production Systems: An Economic Analysis (2008)
7 Economic Impact of Alabama’s Green Industry (2009)
8 Economic Feasibility of Utilizing West Alabama Saline Groundwater to Produce Florida Pompano and Hybrid Striped Bass in a Recirculating Aquaculture System (2009)
Book Titles
A History of the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station (1985) ($6.00 per copy)
Non-AAES publications Title
Industrialization of Agriculture: Trends, Spatial Patterns, and Implications for Field-Level Application by the Natural Resources Conservation Service (Technical Report 5.2 to the USDA, NRCS, Social Science Institute, February, 1997)