Livestock Production and Management

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Beef Cattle

Bulletin Number Title
433 Crossbreeding Beef Cattle: Value of Crossbreeding for Commercial Cattle Production Shown in Long-Time Research at Black Belt Substation (1972)
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612 Consumer Response to A News Lean Ground Beef Product: Results from a Home-Use Comparative Test of AU LEAN (1991)
664 Forage-Fed Beef Attributes: Consumer Preferences and Willingness-to-Pay (2006)
Circular Number Title
216 Hay in Round and Conventional Bale Systems (1975)
238 Round Bale Hay Feeding Systems Evaluation (1977)
253 Economic Evaluation of An Alternative System for Feeder Cattle in Alabama (1981)
270 Steer Performance as Affected by Fungal Endophyte on Kentucky 31 Tall Fescue Pasture (1984)
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298 Brucellosis: An Update (1989)
Agricultural Economics Departmental Series Number Title
43 A Study of Alabama’s Livestock Slaughter and Meat Processing Businesses (2005)
44 A Directory of Alabama’s Livestock Slaughter and Meat Processing Facilities; (2005)
Special Report Number Title
4 Marketing Alabama-Grown Forage-Fed Beef (2006)
Book Titles
SCS/B/#367–Genetic Aspects of Beef Cattle Production in the Southern Region (1992) ($6.00 per copy)