Forestry and Wildlife

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Bulletin Number Title
402 Biology of the Raccoon in Alabama (1970)
439 Minor Topographic Changes Affect Growth and Yield of Plant Southern Pines (1972)
440 The Cottontail Rabbit in Alabama (1972)
447 Relationship Between Point Density Measurements and Subsequent of Southern Pines (1973)
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488 X-Ray Spectroscopic Analysis of Six Mineral Elements in Woody Tissues (1977)
501 A 30-Year History of Research on Auburn University’s Experiment Forests (1978)
534 An Input-Output Model of Alabama’s Economy: Understanding Forestry’s Role (1982)
539 Evaluation of the Holder A55F Logging Tractor (1982)
545 Evaluating Mourning Dove Crop Gland Activity Associated with Crop Milk Production (1982)
555 Forestry Activities and Water Quality in Alabama (1984)
564 Timber Cruising with the Kewlett-Packard 41CV Hand Held Programmable Calculator (1985)
566 Seed Source Variations in Growth and Ornamental Traits of Virginia Pine (1985)
569 Application of the Hewlett-Packard 41CV In Elemental Time Studies (1985)
573 Thinning with the John Deere 743A (1985)
574 A Generalized Plotting Program to Produce Stand Maps (1985)
576 An Interactive Simulation Program to Model Feller-Bunchers (1986)
579 Sawmill Improvement Efficiency Analysis (1986)
588 Effect of Soil Removal and Herbicide Treatment on Soil Properties and Early Loblolly Pine Growth (1987)
600 Current Use Property Assessment in Alabama (1989)
603 Design and Development of Multipurpose Forest Projection System for Southern Forests (1990)
604 User’s Guide to a Multipurpose Forest Projection System for Southern Forests (1990)
649 Controlling the Southern Pine Beetle: Small Landowner Perceptions and Practices
Circular Number Title
189 The Necessity for Intensive Cultural Treatment in Cottonwood Plantations (1971)
190 Dry Weight and Nutrient Accumulation in Young Stands of Cottonwood (Populus deltoides Bartr.) (1971)
201 A Karyotypic Study of Cypresses Indigenous to the Southwestern United States (1972)
210 Comparison of Flexural Properties and Dimensional Stabilities of Two Constructions of 5/8 inch 5-ply (1973)
220 Polymorphic Site Index Curves for Natural Sweetgum in Alabama (1975)
223 Effect of Repeated Humidity Cycling on Properties of Southern Yellow Pine Particleboard (1975)
231 Color in Sweetgum Wood (1977)
234 Internal Discoloration of Sweetgum (1977)
236 Alternative Fire & Herbicide Systems for Hardwood Understory Management in A Hilly Southern Pine Forest (1977)
250 Implications of Game and Fish Law in Alabama (1980)
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282 Nutrient Content of Nursery-Grown Loblolly Pine Seedlings (1985)
286 Root Growth of Loblolly Pine (Pina taeda L.) from Twenty Southern Nurseries (1986)
296 Machine Rates for Selected Harvesting Machines (1989, revised 2002)
319 Timber Dependency in Alabama and the Southeast: The Annotated Bibliography
Departmental Series Number Title
10 Forest Cover Photo-Interpretation Key for the Cumberland Plateau Forest Habitat Region in Alabama (1979)
13 Planting Morphologically Improved Seedlings with Shovels (1991)
14 Managing Pesticides and Nitrogen in Southern Pine Nurseries and Some Ways to Reduce the Potential for Groundwater Contamination (1994)
Forestry and Wildlife Research Series Title
1 Planting Morphologically Improved Pine Seedlings to Increase Survival and Growth
2 Alabama Rural Land Values and Cash Rents
3 Silvopasture and Agroforestry: An Annotated Bibliography