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Bulletin Number Title
Bulletin 274 Relationships and Dynamics of Balanced and Unbalanced Fish Populations (1950)
Bulletin 437 Experience and Location as Factors Influencing Income from Commercial Catfish Enterprises (1972)
Bulletin 445 Distribution of the Genus Ergasilus in Several Gulf of Mexico Drainage Basins (1973)
Bulletin 451 Alabama’s Recreational Catfish Ponds (1973)
Bulletin 459 Lime Requirements of Alabama Fish Ponds (1976)
Bulletin 495 Budgeting for Selected Aquacultural Enterprises (1977)
Bulletin 505 Predicting Nighttime Oxygen Depletion in Catfish Ponds (1978)
Bulletin 521 Utilization of Catfish Processing Waste (1980)
Bulletin 522 Water Chemistry of Alabama Ponds (1980)
Bulletin 548 Effect of Production and Credit Management on Catfish Investment and Profitability (1983)
Bulletin 558 Observations on the Hydrology and Morphometry of Ponds on the Auburn University Fisheries Research Unit (1984)
Bulletin 562 Improving Market Coordination in the Catfish Industry in West Alabama (1984)
Bulletin 583 Determining the Economic Effects of Off-Flavor Catfish (1987)
Bulletin 584 Evaluation of Aerators for Channel Catfish Farming (1987)
Bulletin 596 Marketing Alternatives for East Alabama Catfish Producers (1989)
Bulletin 597 Econometric Analysis of Demand and Price-Markup Functions for Catfish at the Processor Level (1989)
Bulletin 599 Seepage from Fishponds (1989)
Bulletin 607 Effects of Catfish Advertising on Consumers’ Attitudes, Purchase Frequency, and Farmers’ Incomes (1990)
Bulletin 611 Retail Grocery Markets for Catfish (1991)
Bulletin 615 Response of Channel Catfish to Variable Concentrations of Dietary Protein (1992)
Bulletin 618 Returns to Catfish Advertising and Optimal Spending Levels (1992)
Bulletin 621 Economic Analysis of Effluent Control from Catfish Ponds (1994)
Bulletin 655 Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Pond Water and Bottom Soil in Channel Catfish Ponds in West-Central Alabama (2004)
Circular Number Title
Circular 224 Phytoplankton and Water Quality in A Fertilized Fish Ponds (1975)
Circular 233 Preparation of Financial Budget for Fish Production, Catfish Production in Areas with Level Land and Adequate Ground Water (1977)
Circular 250 Implications of Game and Fish Law in Alabama (1980)
Circular 255 Design of Small-Scale Catfish Processing Plants in Alabama (1981)
Circular 261 Solar Radiation and Dissolved Oxygen Concentrations in Fish Ponds (1982)
Circular 273 Ancestry and Breeding of Catfish in the United States (1984)
Circular 274 Performance of A Water Analysis Kit (1984)
Circular 279 Improved Growth Rate, Reproductive Performance and Disease Resistance of Crossbred and Selected Catfish from AU-M and AU-K Lines (1985)
Circular 287 Catfish Farming Risks in Alabama (1986)
Circular 291 Economic Analysis of Channel Catfish Egg Fry, Fingerling, and Food Fish Production in Alabama (1987)
Circular 293 Evaluation of Aeration Attachments for A Crisafulli Pump (1988)
Circular 321 Considerations for Genetic Linkage and QTL Mapping of Ictalurid Catfish
Fisheries Departmental Series Number Title
1 Length-Weight Relationships of Alabama (1965)
2 Water Quality Management and Aeration in Shrimp Farming
3 Benthic Macro invertebrate Microhabitat Requirements and Trophic Structure in Southeastern Streams: A Literature Synthesis
4 2010 U.S. Catfish Database (2011)
5 2011 U.S. Catfish Database (2012)
6 2012 U.S. Catfish Database (2013)
Leaflet Number Title
Leaflet 88 Fertilizing Farm Fish Ponds (1975)
Leaflet 91 Liming Farm Fish Ponds (1976)
Leaflet 99 Determination of Nitrate in Waters from Fish Ponds (1980)
Leaflet 105 Performance of Inexpensive Dissolved Oxygen and pH Meters for Aquaculture (1989)
Leaflet 108 Suggested Management to Improve Quality and Reduce Quantity of Channel Catfish Pond Effluents (1996)
Special Report Number Title
Special Report 1 Best Management Practices for Channel Catfish Farming in Alabama
Special Report 2 Effects of Channel Catfish Farming on Water Quality in Big Prairie Creek, West Central Alabama (2004)
Special Report 3 Additional Best Management Practices for Alabama Aquaculture
Special Report 5 Conversion of Rural Land to Recreational Sportfishing Use: An Economic Analysis (2006)
Special Report 6 Integration of Hydroponic Tomato and Indoor Recirculating Aquacultural Production Systems: An Economic Analysis (2008)
Special Report 8 Economic Feasibility of Utilizing West Alabama Saline Groundwater to Produce Florida Pompano and Hybrid Striped Bass in a Recirculating Aquaculture System (2009)
Book Title
Anatomy and Histology of the Channel Catfish (1977) ($5.00 per copy)
Order from Lula Jones, Department of Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures, 203 Swingle Hall, Auburn University, AL 36849-5419, 334-844-9320,
Water Quality in Ponds for Aquaculture (1990) ($8.00 per copy)**
Water Quality and Pond Soil Analyses for Aquaculture (1992) ($6.00 per copy)**
The Development of Aquaculture: An Ecosystems Perspective (1993) ($7.00 per copy)**
Fish Farming Research (1983) ($3.00 per copy)**
**Order from Claude Boyd, Department of Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures, 203 Swingle Hall, Auburn University, AL 36849-5419, 334-844-4075,