Southern Cooperative Series Bulletins

Bulletins are the final report of a completed research project, written by scientists for a scientific audience. For a listing of all Southern Cooperative Series Bulletins, visit the website of the Southern Association of Agricultural Experiment Station Directors, linked below.

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(Project/Activity Number)
416 New Technology and Alternative Nitrogen Sources for Crops in the Southern U.S. 2012
410 Reasearch-based Soil Testing and Recommendations for Cotton on Coastal Plain Soils (SERA-6) 2010
391 Soil Mineral Associations of the Southern United States (S-207) 1998
390 Trade, Policy, and Competition: Forces Shaping American Agriculture Proceedings (S-256) 1998
380 Research-based Soil Testing Interpretation and Fertilizer Recommendations for Peanuts on Coastal Plain Soils (SERA-IEG-6) 1994
367 Genetic Aspects of Beef Cattle Production in the Southern Region (S-10) 1991
359 From Higher Education in Agriculture to Employment: Attainments and Assessments by Graduates (S-200) ~
341 Establishment and Operation of 20- and 40-Acre Container Nurseries in Climatic Zone 9 1990
327 Costs of Establishing and Operating a Small and Large Size Container Nursery in USDA Climatic Zones 7 and 8 1987
325 Genetics and Breeding of Catfish ~
317 Evaluation of Alternaria Cassiae as a Mycoherbicide for Sicklepod (Cassia Obtusifolia)) in Regional Field Tests 1986
312 The United States Soybean Processing Industry – Optimal Size, Number and Location 1986
311 Cost of Establishing and Operating Field Grown Nurseries Differentiated by Size of Firm and Species of Plant in USDA Climatic Zones 7 and 8 1985
307 National Conference on Grain Marketing Patterns 1985
279 Aflatoxin and Aspergillus Flavus in Corn 1983
274 Nursery Management and Production Costs: Burford Holly 1982
270 Higher Education in Agriculture: Students at Southern Land Grant Universities 1982
262 Physical Characteristics of Soils of the Southern Region – Troup and Lakeland Series 1983
260 Potential for Expanded Sales of Locally Grown Produce: A Case Study of the Chattanooga, Tennessee Market Area 1981
232 Performance of Selected Fabrics Treated with Flame Retardant Finishes 1978
225 Principal Diseases of Farm Raised Catfish 1979
224 The Emerging Structure of the Southern Dairy Industry 1978
223 Genetics and Breeding of Channel Catfish 1978
218 Nutrition and Feeding of Channel Catfish 1977
213 Description of Feasible Beef and Forage Enterprises Analyzed in Economics of Beef Production Industry in Different Areas of the South 1976
210 Forest Habitat Regions From Satellite Imagery 1976
195 Non-Residential Landscaping in the South 1975
193 Processing Farm-Raised Catfish 1974
190 Procedures Used by State Soil Testing Laboratories in the Southern Region of the United States 1974
184 Expenditure Patterns for Landscape Plants and Lawns by Apartment Owners in the South 1974
180 Landscape Plants and Lawns in the South: Homeowner’s Expenditure and Use Patterns 1973
171 Estimates of Feedstuffs Feed and Costs of Feeding Beef 1971
143 Marketing Woody Ornamentals: Practices and Trends of Nurseries in the South 1969
130 Chemical, Mineralogical and Engineering Properties of Alabama and Mississippi Black Belt Soils 1968
77 Meat Choices for Family Meals in Selected Cities – Alabama and Georgia 1961
44 Financing Broiler Production by Banks and Production Credit Associations in the South 1955
36 Financing Production and Marketing of Broilers in the South Part 1: Dealer Phase 1954
34 Commercial Hatchery Operations in Six Southern States 1953