Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures and the International Center for Aquaculture

Departmental Series

Series Number Title
45 Mangrove Management and Shrimp Aquaculture–Laurence Massaut (1999) not available
44 Water Quality for Pond Aquaculture–Claude Boyd (1998) not available
43 Alabama Water Watch: The First Five Years–William G. Deutsch, Alison Busby, Kristina Laidlaw, Michael Mullen and Patricia Hurley (1997) not available
42 The Pond Dynamics/Aquaculture CRSP-Sponsored Proceedings of the Third Conference on Tilapia Culture at High Attitudes in Africa–Karen L. Veverica (1997) not available
41 Worldwide Prospects for Commercial Production of Tilapia–Thomas J. Popma and Leonard L. Lovshin (March 1996)
40 Social, Economic and Institutional Impacts of Aquacultural Research on Tilapia: The PD/A CRSP in Rwanda, Honduras, the Philippines and Thailand–Joseph J. Molnar, Terry R. Hanson and Leonard L. Lovshin (February 1996)
39 Development of Semi-Intensive Aquaculture Technologies in Honduras–Bartholomew W. Green, David R. Teichert-Coddington and Terrill R. Hanson (November 1994)
Farming Systems Research and Extension in Mali 1986-1994–Anthony K. Yeboah and Richard Guthrie
38 Socioeconomic Factors Affecting the Transfer and Sustainability of Aquacultural Technology in Rwanda–Joseph J. Molnar, Christopher L. Cox, Pelagie Myirahabimana and Alphonse Rubagumya (March 1993)
37 Family-Scale Fish Farming in Guatemala: An Example of Sustainable Aquacultural Development through National and International Collaboration–Silvana Castillo, Thomas J. Popma, Ronald P. Phelps, L. Upton Hatch and Terrill R. Hanson (August 1992)
36 Environmental Assessment of Ten Aquaculture Sites in Rwanda, Africa–William G. Deutsch (January 1992)
35 Sex Reversal of Tilapia in Earthen Ponds–Thomas J. Popma and Bartholomew W. Green (September 1990)
34 Rwanda National Fish Culture Project–Hishamunda Nathanael and John F. Moehl Jr. (July 1989)
33 Cooperatively Managed Rural Panamanian Fish Ponds: The Integrated Approach–L. Lovshin, N.B. Schwartz, V.G. De Castillo, C.R. Engle and U.L. Hatch (December 1986)
32 Development of Aquaculture in the Philippines–H.R. Schmittou, J.H. Grover, S.B. Peterson, A.R. Librero, H.B. Rabanak and A.A. Portugal (November 1985)
31 The Development of Commercial Farming of Tilapia in Jamaica: 1979-1983–J.J. Popma, F.E. Ross, B.L. Nerrie and J.R. Bowman (October 1984)
30 Commercial Fish Farming Project in Nigeria–Malcolm C. Johnson (May 1983)
29 The Indonesia Brackiswater Aquacultures Production Project Completion Report–Bryan L. Duncan (November 1982)
28 Review of Aquaculture Development Activities in Central and West Africa–John H. Grover, Donald R. Street and Paul D. Starr
S-83 Annual Report 1979 (Southern Cooperative) Freshwater Food Animals (Special Report) (June 1980)
S-83 Annual Report 1980 (Southern Cooperative) Freshwater Food Animals (Special Report) (June 1981) 
S-83 Annual Report 1981 (Southern Cooperative) Freshwater Food Animals (Special Report) (June 1981)
27 Catch Assessment Survey Design for Monitoring the Upper Meta River Fishery: Columbia, South America–Stephen P. Malvestuto, Richard J. Scully and Fernando Garzon F. (September 1980)
26 Progress Report on Fisheries Development in Northeastern Brazil–Leonard L. Lovshin (February 1980)
25 The Philippine Inland Fisheries Project and Aquaculture Production Project Completion Report–Johnie H. Crance and Daniel F. Leary (November 1979)
24 Method of Conducting a Marketing Study–E.W. McCoy and M.L. Hopkins (May 1979)
23 Brackishwater Aquaculture Development in Northern Sumatra, Indonesia–Michael C. Cremer and Bryan L. Duncan (April 1979)
22 Water Quality Management in Pond Fish Culture–Claude E. Boyd and Frank Lichtkoppler (April 1979)
21 Fish Marketing in Central Luzon, Philippines–R.C. Sevilleja and E.W. McCoy (March 1979)
20 An Economic Assessment of Fisheries Development in Columbia–Donald R. Street (December 1978)
19 An Economic Assessment of Jamaica’s Fish Culture–Donald R. Street (August 1978)
18 Length-Weight Relationships and Condition Indices of Fishes from Reservoirs of Ceara, Brazil–Odilo Freire Dourado and William D. David (March 1978)
17 The Socioeconomic Impact of Fisheries Programs in El Salvador (February 1978)
Special Report Principal Diseases of Sportfish: A Fisherman’s Guide to Fish Parasites and Diseases–W.A. Rogers and J.A. Plumb (November 1977)
16 Fish Culture in Poland–R.T. Lovell (November 1977)
15 Progress Report on Fisheries Development in El Salvador: August 1974-1976–David G. Hughes (October 1977)
14 Progress Report on Fisheries Development in Northeast Brazil: July 1, 1975-December 31, 1976–Leonard L. Lovshin (July 1977)
13 Marketing as a Factor in Fish Culture Development in El Salvador–Ralph W. Parkman and E.W. McCoy (February 1977)
12 Fish Marketing in El Salvador–R.W. Parkman and E.W. McCoy (January 1977)
11 Marketing of Fisheries Products by Municipal Fisherman in Panguil Bay, Philippines–M.L. Hopkins and E.W. McCoy (November 1976)
Anatomy and Histology of the Channel Catfish–John M. Grizzle and Wilmer A. Rogers (November 1976)
10 Progress Report on Fisheries Development in Northeastern Brazil–John W. Jensen (January 1976)
9 Progress Report on Fisheries Development in Northeastern Brazil–Leonard Lovshin (April 1975) 
Freshwater Foodfish (and Crawfish) Aquatic Food Animal Task Force RP 4.07 (April 1975)
International Center for Aquaculture ANNUAL REPORT FOR FY 1975–E.W. Shell
8 Progress Report on Fisheries Development in Brazil–John Jensen (December 1974)
7 Progress Report on Fisheries Development in El Salvador–David R. Bayne (April 1974)
6 Economic Analysis of the Inland Fisheries Project in El Salvador–E.W. McCoy (February 1974)
5 Aquacultural Survey in Japan–H.R. Schmittou (March 1973)
4 Artificial Spawning of Mullet and Culture of Mullet and Milkfish in Taiwan–H.R. Schmittou (March 1973)
3 Length-Weight Relationships of Freshwater Fishes of Thailand–Ariya Sidthimunka (February 1973)
2 Progress Report on Fisheries Development in Northeastern Brazil II–W.D. Davies (November 1972)
1 Progress Report on Fisheries Development in Northeastern Brazil I–N.B. Jeffrey (September 1972)