Circulars report of significant results from an ongoing research project, written by scientists for a scientific audience.

Circular Number Title
330 2004-2005 Winter Annual Trial Garden Results–Kessler, Caylor, and Kim (2005) available online only
329 Fungicides Control Cercospora Leaf Spot on Fuchsia Meidiland Rose (2005) available online only
328 2004 Summer Trial Garden Results–Kessler, Coleman, and Caylor (2004) available online only
327 2003-2004 Winter Annual Trial Garden Results–Kessler, Caylor, and Coleman (2004) available online only
326 2003 Summer Trial Garden Results–Kessler, Coleman, and Caylor (2004) available online only
325 Kuell–A New Soybean Variety for Alabama–Weaver, Rodriguez-Kabana and Sharpe (1999)
324 The Fall Webworm: A Guide to Recognition and Habits in Alabama–Hyche (1999)
323 Herbaceous Perennial Trial Garden Results, 1996-97–D.M. Quinn, J.R. Kessler, J.L. Sibley, B.K. Behe and J.S. Bannon
322 1996-97 Winter Annual Trial Garden Results–J.R. Kessler, B.K. Behe, D.M. Quinn and J.S. Bannon
321 Considerations for Genetic Linkage and QTL Mapping of Ictalurid Catfish–Zhanjiang Liu and Rex Dunham
320 1997 Summer Trial Garden Results–J. Raymond Kessler, Bridget K. Behe, D.M. Quinn and J. Bannon
319 Timber Dependency in Alabama and the Southeast: The Annotated Bibliography–Karni Perez
318 1995 Summer Trial Garden Results–D.M. Quinn, B.K. Behe, J. Witt, and J.R. Kessler
317 1994-1995 Annual Trial Garden Results–D. Quinn, B. Behe, and J. Witt
316 Russell Bermudagrass–D.M. Ball, R.A. Burdett, Jr., and M.E. Eichhorn, Jr.
315 1994 Summer Trial Garden Results–B.K. Behe, C.M. Walker, J.B. Witt, and J.D. Williams
314 Carver: A New Soybean Variety for Alabama–D.B. Weaver, R. Rodriguez-Kabana, D.G. Robertson, C.A. Thomas, R.K. Akridge, and R.R. Sharpe
313 1994 Winter Trial Garden Results–J.D. Williams, B.K. Behe, C.C. Montgomery, J.B. Witt, and L.M. Beckett
312 1993 Annual Trial Garden Results–Bridget K. Behe, C. Fred Deneke, James B. Witt, Lisa M. Beckett, and C. Chris Montgomery
311 AU-Sweet Scarlet A Disease Resistant Resistant High Quality Watermelon with Dark Red Flesh–J. D. Norton, G. E. Boyhan, D. A. Smith and B. R. Abrahams
310 AU-Golden Producer: A High Quality, Disease Resistant Watermelon for the South– J. D. Norton, G. E. Boyhan, D. A. Smith and B. R. Abrahams (1993)
309 Factors Affecting Germination of Sericea–J.A. Mosjidis (1991)
308 Biology and Management of the Lesser Cornstalk Borer–T. P. Mack and D. P. Davis (1991)
307 Evaluation of Annual Clovers in South Alabama–J.F. Pedersen and D.M. Ball (1991)
306 Foreign Ownership of and Interest in Alabama’s Agricultural Land–J.L. Adrian, N.A. D. Thompson and A.M. Mims (1991)
305 AU-Cherry Plum Cultivar Developed for Home Garden Production–J.D. Norton, G. E. Boyhan, D. A. Smith and B. R. Abrahams (1990)
304 AU-Rosa Plum Developed: Mid-Season, High Yield and Disease Resistant Cultivar Produces Excellent Fruit–J. D. Norton, G. E. Boyhan, D. A. Smith, and B. R. Abrahams (1990)
303 Feed Grain Production and Utilization Estimates Alabama by the Year 2000–R.Hopkinson and J. L. Stallings (1990)
302 AU Donnelly A New Variety of Low Tannin Sericea Lespedeza–J.A. Mosjidis, E.D Donnelly, C. S. Hoveland and D. M. Ball (1990)
301 New Early Season Plum Developed AU-Rubrum Cultivar Combines High Yielding Ability with Disease Resistance and Excellent Fruit Quality–J.D. Norton, G.E. Boyhan, D.S. Smith and B. R. Abrahams (1990)
300 Economic Risk and the 92-Year “Old Rotation”–J.L. Novak, C.C. Mitchell, Jr., and Jerry R. Crews (1990)
299 AU-Amber An Excellent Quality Plum for the Early Market–J.D. Norton, G.E. Boyhan, D.A. Smith and B.R. Abrahams (1989)
298 Brucellosis: An Update–V.S. Panangala, C.C. Christenberry, and D.A. Stringfellow (1989)
297 Environmental Consequences of Animal Waste Disposal Farm Operator Perspective and Practices–J.J. Molnar and Litchi S. Wu (1989)
296 Machine Rates for Selected Forest Harvesting–R.W. Brinker, D.Miller, B.J. Stocks and Bobby L. Lanford (1989, revised 2002)
295 Stonewall–A New Soybean Variety for Alabama–D.B. Weaver, R. Rodriguez-Kabana, B.H. Cosper, and R.L. Akridge (1989)
294 Fungicides for Control of Wheat Diseases in the Gulf Coast of Alabama–R.T. Gudauskas, A.K. Hagan, E.L. Carden, N.R. McDaniel, E.D. Williams, and J.A. McGuire (1988)
293 Evaluation of Aeration Attachments for A Crisafulli Pump–C.E. Boyd and Nathan Stone (1988)
292 Levels and Timing of Nitrogen Fertilizer Applications for Tall Fescue in Central Alabama–J. W. Odom and J. F. Pedersen (1988)
291 Economic Analysis of Channel Catfish Egg Fry, Fingerling, and Food Fish Production in Alabama Upton Hatch, Rex Dunham, Hussein Hebicha, and John Hensen (1987)
290 Financial Stress, Debt Use, and Cost Control Among Sample Alabama Farms–G.D. Hanson, K.Moss, and William E. Hardy, Jr. (1987)
289 Steer Response to AU Triumph and Kentucky 31 Fescue at Three Endophyte Levels J.F. Petersen, J.A. McGuire, S.P. Schmidt, C.C. King, Jr., C.S. Hoveland, E.M. Clark, H.W. Grimes and J.L. Holliman (1987)
288 Beef Steer Performance on Cimarron Alfalfa and Serala and AU Lootan Sericea Lespedeza Pastures–S.P. Schmidt, C.S. Hoveland, E.D. Donnelly, J.A. McGuire, and R.A. Moore (1987)
287 Catfish Farming Risks in Alabama–O.Cacho, H.Kinnucan, and Scott Sindelar (1986)
286 Root Growth of Loblolly Pine (Pina taeda L.) seedling from Twenty Southern Nurseries–Harry S. Larsen and James N. Boyer (1986)
285 Influence of Galecron and Pix on Cotton Yield –C.E. Snipes, R.H. Walker, and G. S. Buchanan (1985)
284 Centipede grass Seed Production–K.J Miller and R. Dickens (1985)
283 Effects of Harvest-Aid Chemicals on Boll Opening, Yield, Quality–Whitewell and R. Harold Walker (1985)
282 Nutrient Content of Nursery-Grown Loblolly Pine Seedlings–J.N. Boyer and D.B. South (1985)
281 AU-Centennial A New Dwarf Centipede grass–Ray Dickens and Jeff Pedersen (1985)
280 AU-Julilant & AU-Producer Quality, Disease Resistant Watermelon Varieties for the South–J.D. Norton, R.D. Cosper, D.A. Smith, and K. S. Rymal (1985)
279 Improved Growth Rate, Reproductive Performance and Disease Resistance of Crossbred and Selected Catfish from AU-M and AU-K Lines–R.A. Dunham and R.O. Smitherman (1985)
278 AUrora: A High Quality “Jumbo” Cantaloupe–J.D. Norton, R.D. Cosper, D.A. Smith, and K.S. Rymal (1985)
277 Comparison of Three Outdoor Systems and a Confinement Nursery System for the Production of Feeder Pigs-Daryl Kuhlers, Steve Junyst, and Robert Ayer (1985)
276 Regional Differences in Nematode Populations of Tall Fescue Pastures in Alabama–J.F. Pedersen and R. Rodriguez-Kabana (1985)
275 Impact of Agricultural Exports on Alabama’s Economy–J.L. Stallings and W.A. Flick (1985)
274 Performance of A Water Analysis Kits–C.E. Boyd and W.D. Hollerman (1984)
273 Ancestry and Breeding of Catfish in the United States–R.A. Dunham and R.O. Smitherman (1984)
272 Guide for Age Determination of Mourning Dove Embryos–L.I. Muller, T.T. Buerger, and R.E. Mirarchi (1984)
271 AU-Roadside An Excellent Quality Plum Use and Local Markets–J.D. Norton, J. M. Snell, D.A. Smith, and K. S. Rymal (1984)
270 Steer Performance as Affected by Fungal Endophyt on Kentucky 31 Tall Fescue Pasture–C. S. Hoveland, S. P. Schmidt, C. C. King, Jr., J. W. Odom, E.M. Clark, J. A. McGuire, L. A. Smith, H. W. Grimes, and J. L. Holliman (1984)
269 Natural Areas for Soybean Cultivar Recommendations in Alabama–D. Weaver, G. V. Granade, J. C. Williams and D. L. Thurlow (1984)
268 Part-Time Farming in Alabama: Characteristics and Consequences–J.J. Molnar and Steven L. Smith (1983)
267 Comparisons of Methods of Application for Pendimenthalin (Prowl 4EC) in Combination with Other Selected Herbicided for Weed Control in Cotton–T.Whitwell, G. Wehtje, and John A. McGuire (1983)
266 Improving Market Coordination in the Feeder Cattle Market Board Association in Alabama–Gregory M. Sullivan and Daniel A. Linton (1983)
265 The Southern Forest Nursery Soil Testing Program–David B. South and C. B. Davey
264 Stability of Soybean Cultivars in Alabama–D.L. Thurlow and G. V. Granade (1983)
263 Nut Quality of Selected Pecan Varieties Grown in Alabama–Harry J. Amling, Jackie Snell, Emmett Carden and N. Ronald McDaniel (1982)
262 Performance of Tall Fescue Varieties in Alabama–J. F. Pederson, C. S. Hoveland, and R. L. Haaland (1982)
261 Solar Radiation and Dissolved Oxygen Concentrations in Fish Ponds–Claude E. Boyd and William D. Hollerman (1982)
260 Triumph A. New Winter – Productive Tall Fescue Variety–C. S. Hoveland, R. L. Haaland, C. D. Berry, J. F. Pedersen, S. P. Schmidt, and R. R. Harris (1982)
259 Oasis Phalaris A New Cool Season Perennial Grass–C.S. Hoveland, R.L. Haaland, C.D. Berry, J. F. Pedersen, S. P. Schmidt, and R. R. Harris (1982)
258 Predicting Machine Performance Rates for Specific Field and Operating Conditions–Elmo Renoll (1981)
257 A Benchmark Study of the Southern United States Meat Packing Plant Industry–G.M. Sullivan and J.R. Simpson (1981)
256 Influence of Surfactants on Tensile Strength and Rooting of Bermuda grass Sod–R. Dickens (1981)
255 Design of Small-Scale Catfish Processing Plants in Alabama–R.T. Lovell, W.G. Mustin and J.W. Jensen (1981)
254 On-Farm Lime and Fertilizer Experiments with Soybeans and Cotton in Northern Alabama 1977-1980–C. H. Burmester, A. Waggoner, and Fred Adams (1981)
253 Economic Evaluation of An Alternative System for Feeder Cattle in Alabama–G.M. Sullivan and Daniel A. Linton (1981)
252 Suspension and Non-Suspension Fertilizer Use in the Tennessee Valley Area of Alabama W.L. Kennedy, Neil R. Martin, Jr., Thomas H. Foster, and Ronald J. Williams (1981)
251 Soil Test Fertilizer Recommendations for Alabama–J.T. Cope, Jr., C.E. Evans and H.C. Williams (1981)
250 Implications of Game and Fish Law in Alabama–Sidney C. Bell and Bruce Canoles (1980)
249 Objective Credit Scoring of Alabama Borrowers–J.B. Weed and William E. Hardy, Jr. (1980)
248 Control of Sooty Blotch and Flyspeck with A Pre-Bloom Application of Captafol–A. J. Latham and M. H. Hollingsworth (1980)
247 Three New Chinese Chestnuts AU-Cropper, AU-Leader and AU-Homestead-Their History and Production–Hubert Harris, J. D. Norton and J. C. Moore (1980)
246 The Structure of Black-Operated Agriculture in Alabama: Characteristics an Trends–J. J. Molnar and J.L. Adrian (1980)
245 Evaluation of Golden Delicious Apple Strains and Types for Alabama–W. A. Dozier, Jr., W. A. Griffey, H.E. Burgress and E. L. Mayton (1979)
244 Performance of Peach and Nectarine in the Wiregrass Area of Alabama–W. A. Dozier, Jr., J. G. Starling, H. W. Ivey and O. N. Farrior (1979)
243 Information Needs of and Sources Used by Alabama Farmers–J.L. Stallings and G. L. Harrison (1979)
242 Freezegreen A New Southernpea for Processing–Oyette L. Chambliss (1979)
241 Irrigation Policies for Peanut Production–E.W. Rochester, P.A. Backman, S.C. Young and J.M. Hammond (1978)
240 AU Producer: A High Quality Plum for the Commercial Market–J.D. Norton (1978)
239 Control of Buttercup in Dallisgrass-Clover Pastures in Alabama–C.W. Smith, G. C. Weed, C. C. King, G. A. Buchanan and L. A. Smith (1977)
238 Round Bale Hay Feeding Systems Evaluation–E. Renoll, L. A. Smith and J.L. Stallings (1977)
237 Seasonal and Diurnal Distributions of Adult Female Morse Flies (Diptera, Tabanidae) at Gold Hill, Alabama–Alta M. Burnett and Kirby L. Hays (1977)
236 Alternative Fire & Herbicide Systems for Hardwood Understory Management in A Hilly Southern Pine Forest–Ming-Yih Chen, Earl J. Hodgkins, and W. J. Watson (1977)
235 Auburn 76 FMN A Fusarium Wilt Tobacco Mosaic Virus, Root-Knot Nematode Resistant Tomato Variety — Walter H. Greenleaf, Jack L. Turner, and Kenneth S. Rymal (1977)
234 Internal Discoloration of Sweetgum–T.C. Davis and Harold O. Beals (1977)
233 Preparation of Financial Budget for Fish Production Catfish PRoduction in Areas with Level Land and Adequate Gound Water–E. W. McCoy and J. L. Boutwell (1977)
232 Simplified Programming as A Farm Management–J.L. Boutwell and E.W. McCoy (1977)
231 Color in Sweetgum Wood–T.C. Davis and H.O. Beals (1977)
230 A Disease Resistant and Cold Hardy Plum Seedling (for use in breeding)–J. D. Norton (1976)
229 Labor Turnover on Alabama Dairy Farms–J.L. Adrian and L. E. Wilson (1976)
228 Cool Season Annual Pasture Mixtures ad Affectd by Autumn Irrigation and Nematicide in the Wiregrass Area–C.S. Hoveland R. Rodriguez-Kabana, J.G. Starling, and J.S. Bannon (1976)
227 The Relative and Seasonal Abundance of Selected Predaceous Arthropods in Alabama Cotton Fields — M. J. Gaylor and F. R. Gilliland, Jr. (1976)
226 Use of Low Water Level in Boiling Water Bath Canning–Hubert Harris and Lynn M. Davis (1976)
225 Nut Quality of Selected Pecan Varieties Grown in South Alabama–H.J. Amling, Karen A. Marcus, J. E. Barrett, and N. R. McDaniel (1975)
224 Phytoplankton and Water Quality in A Fertilized Fish Ponds–R. W. Parks, Ellen Scarsbrook &C. E. Boyd (1975)
223 Effect of Repeated Humidity Cycling on Properties of Southern Yellow Pine Particle board–Evangelos J. Biblis and Wu-Chung Lee (1975)
222 Management of Serala Sericea for Forage and Seed–C.S. Hoveland, R.F. McCormick, Jr., W. B. Anthony and F. T. Glaze (1975)
221 Sericea-Grass Mixtures–C.S. Hoveland, W.B. Anthony, E.L. Carden, J.K. Boseck, and W. B. Webster (19
220 Polymorphic Site Index Curves for Natural Sweetgum in Alabama–E.S. Lyle, Jr., R. M. Patterson, D. R. Hicks and E. L. Bradley (1975)
219 Wind Speed and Vegetation Effects on Drift from A Fan-Cage Highway Sprayer–R. Dickens (1975)
218 Homeside: An Excellent Quality Plum for Home–A. J. Latham and C. C. Carlton (1975)
217 Control of Peach Diseases in Alabama–A. J. Latham and C. C. Carlton (1975)
216 Hay in Round and Conventional Bale Systems–L. A. Smith, W. B. Anthony, E. Renoll and J. L. Stallings (1975)
215 Competition for Light by Aquatic Plants in Fish Ponds–Claude E. Boyd (1975)
214 Flexural and Shear Properties of Structural Southern Pine 3-Ply Sandwich Wood Panels — Evangelos J. Biblis and Yen-Ming Chiu (1974)
213 Farrow-to-Finish Hog Production in Alabama–T.A. Otts and M. J. Danner (1974)
212 Effect of Phorate Carboforan, Methomyl, and Disulfoton, on Growth and Yield of Soybeans–Ronnie Shehane and Max H. Bass (1974)
211 Soil Fertility Studies with Pickling Cucumbers in the Piedmont Area of Alabama–W. A. Johnson, C. E. Evans, E. L. Mayton and W. A. Griffey (1973)
210 Comparison of Flexural Properties and Dimensional Stabilities of Two Contructions of 5/8 inch 5-ply — Yen Ming Chiu and Evangelos J. Biblis (1973)
209 Performance of Peach Varieties Selections in Central Alabama–W.A. Dozier, Jr., C. C. Carlton and K. C. Short (1973)
208 Incidence and Control of Sooty Blotch and Fly Speck on Apples in Alabama–A. J. Lathan and M. H. Hollingsworth (1973)
207 Economic Analysis of the Catfish Processing Industry–E. W. McCoy and A. B. Sherling (1973)
206 Catfish Marketing and Related Production Factors–E. W. McCoy (1973)
205 An Annotated Bibliography of Figure in Wood–H. O. Beals and Terry C. Davis (1973)
204 Volume Table for Natural Sweetgum in Alabama–E.L. Lyle, Jr. (1973)
203 Lease and Sale Transfer of Cotton Allotment in Selected Alabama Counties–T. R. McIntyre and S. C. Bell (1973)
202 Evaluation of Garden Chrysanthemums for Alabama–W. C. Martin, Jr., and Henry P. Orr (1972)
201 A Karyotypic Study of Cypresses Indigenous to the Southwestern United States–G.E. Thomas and J. F. Goggans (1972)
200 Soil Fertility Studies with Potatoes in Central an Northern Alabama–W. A. Johnson and C. E. Evans (1972)
199 Pecan Disease Research in Alabama–A. J. Latham, U. L. Diener and F.E. Garrett (1972)
198 Costs and Returns of Overnight Campgrounds in Alabama–A.B. Sherling and E. W. McCoy (1972)
197 Wheat, Oats, or Rye with Ryegrass and Yuchi Arrowleaf Clover as Grazing for Stocker Calves–R. R. Harris, C. S. Hoveland, J. K. Boseck and W. B. Webster (1972)
196 Pastures for Beef Cattle in the Piedmont–C.S. Hoveland, W. B. Anthony, E. L. Mayton and H. E. Burgess (1972)
195 Insecticides for the Control of Bollworms, Heliothis spp. on Cotton–F.R. Gililand, Jr. (1972)
194 Early Results of A Loblolly Pine Seed Source Study in Alabama–J. F. Goggans, K. D. Lynch, and G. Garin (1972)
193 Considerations in Establishing Camping Facilities in Alabama–J. F. Goggans, K. D. Lynch, and G. Garin (1972)
192 Tolerance of Newly Planted Slash and Loblolly Pine Seedlings to Some Selective Herbicides–G. W. Bengston, D. A. Mays, and M. C. Carter (1971)
191 Attitude of Alabama Nonindustrial Forest Landowners Toward Leasing Their Land to Woodbased Industries–S. I. Someberg (1971)
190 Dry Weight and Nutrient Accumulation in Young Stands of Cottonwood (Populus deltoides Bartr.)Mason C. Carter and E. H. White (1971)
189 The Necessity for Intensive Cultural Treatment in Cottonwood Plantations–M.C. Carter and E.H. White (1971)
188 Supplementation of Steers Grazing Sorghum Sudan Pasture–C. S. Hoveland, R. R. Harris, J. K. Boseck and W. B. Webster (1971)
187 Consumer Preference for Ground Beef as Reported by A Birmingham Taste Panel A Methodological Approach–E. W. McCoy (1971)
186 Cutting Orientation and Root Development of Cottonwood–John C. Brown and Mason C. Carter (1971)
185 Characteristics of Private Nonindustrial Forest Landowner in Alabama–S. I. Somberg (1971)
184 Factors Affecting Visitation to Lake Martin Outdoor Recreation Sites–E. W. McCoy and J. R. Box (1971)
183 Table for Computing Relative Conditions of Some Common Freshwater Fishes–W. E. Swingle and E.W. Shell (1971)
182 Rye-Ryegrass-Yuchi Arrowleaf Clover for Production of Slaughter Cattle–W. B. Anthony, C. S. Hoveland, E L. Mayton and H. E. Burgess (1971)
181 Response of Cotton Corn Bermuda grass to Rate of N. P. and K–J. T. Cope, Jr. (1971)
180 Using Operation Analysis to Improve Row-Crop Machinery Efficiency–E. S. Renoll (1970)
179 Farm Tenancy and Alabama Law–Howard A. Clonts, Jr. (1970)
178 Vacation Activities of Alabama Residents–E. W. McCoy and L. A. Wright (1970)
177 Some Effects of Management on Capacity and Efficiency of Farm Machines–E. S. Renoll (1970)
176 Fertilizer Recommendations and Computer Programs Key Used by the Soil Testing Laboratory–J. T. Cope (1972)
175 Cool Season Pereland and Grass-Clover Management–C. S. Hoveland and E. M. Evans (1970)
174 Establishing Sericea Lespedeza at Low Seeding Rate with a Herbicide–C. S. Hoveland G. A. Buchanan and E. D. Donnelly (1970)
173 Agricultural Lending Practices of Selected Financial Institutions in Alabama–S.Bell, Joong Sik Kim and James E. Epperson (1969)
172 Value of Neck Board and Brisket Board in Free-Stall Housing for Dairy Cattle–H. F. Yates, L. A. Smith and K. M. Autrey (1969)
171 The Rhizotron at Auburn, Alabama-A Plant Observation Laboratory–Howard M. Taylor (1969)
170 A Cost Analysis of Yard Drying and Low Temperature Forced-Air Drying of Lumber in Alabama — Kenneth L. Davenport and Lowell E. Wilson (1969)
169 Dust Production of Poultry Litter Materials–C.A. Rollo, Jr., R. Howes and W. Grub (1969)
168 Market Testing of Chilco and Georgia Boy Pasteurized – Refrigerated Peaches–B.R. Miller & H. H. Harris (1969)
167 Factors Affecting Operator’s Labor Income on Alabama Farms–C.D. Killian and S.C. Bell (1969)
166 Effects of Row and Drill Spacing on Yield and Market Grade Factors of Peanuts –A.C. Mixon (1969)
165 Weed Control in Sericea Lespedeza–G.A. Buchanan and E. R. Burns (1969)
164 Index to Proceeding of the Annual Convention for the Georgia-Florida Pecan Growers Association Number 15-27, 1907-1933 and for the Southeastern Pecan Growers Association Number 28-59, 1834-1966 (1968)
163 Control of Caterpillars Attacking Cabbage-T.D. Canerday and F. S. Arant (1968)
162 1968 Small Grain Variety Report–David Teem (1968)
161 Relative Responses of Grain and Annual Forage Crops to Lime, Phosphorus, and Potassium on Norfolk Sandy Loam–Fred Adams (1968)
160 Variation in Seed and Ovulate Cone of Some Species and Varieties of Cupressus–J.F. Goggans and C.E. Posey (1968)
159 Egg Industry Adjustments in an 8-County Area of Northern Alabama–S. C. Massingill and Morris White (1967)
158 Tourism-Recreation Potential in Cherokee, Dekalb, Jackson, and Marshall Counties Alabama-L.S. Driscoll (1967)
157 Potting Mixtures and Fertilization Practices for Container Grown Ornamental Plants–R.L. Self, J.I. Wear, R.D. Rouse and H.P. Orr (1967)
156 Chemical Weed Control in Southern Forest Nurseries–M.C. Carter and J.W. Martin (1967)
155 Crop Varieties for Alabama Field, Forage-turf–Author not given (1967)
154 Energy Levels of Gestation Rations for Sows–B.L. Brown, H.F. Tucker and W.M. Warren (1967)
153 Observations on Species of Cypress Indigenous to the United States–C. E. Posey and James F. Goggans (1967)
152 Spacing and Rates of Nitrogen for Corn–C. C. Scarsbrook and J. T. Cope, Jr. (1966)
151 Sorghum-Sudan Hybrid vs. Johnsongrass Pasture for Dairy Cows–L.A. Smith, H.W. Grimes, J. A. Little and G. E. Scarsbrook and J. T. Cope, Jr. (1966)
150 Directed Growth of Ornamental Plants with Chemicals–Tokuji Furuta (1965)
149 Crop Varieties for Alabama Field Forage Turf–Author not given (1964)
148 Farm Handling and Marketing of Pecans in Alabama–Ronald E. Jones and M. J. Danner (1964)
147 Diseases of Small Grains in Alabama–J. A. Lyle and R. T. Gudauskas (1964)
146 Precision Irrigation with Solar Energy–Tok Furuta, W. C. Martin, Mr., and Fred Perry (1963)
145 Christmas Tree Production in Eastern Red cedar and Arizona Cypress Plantations –G. I. Garin (1963)
144 Meat Buying and Preparation Practices of Professionally Employed Women–C. A. Hudson &M. J. Danner (1963)
143 Psychrometric Chambers for Poultry–Walter Grub, C. A. Rollo and J. R. Howes (1962)
142 Procedures for Calculating Producer Quotas and Prices for Grade A Milk in Alabama– Lowell E. Wilson and John G. Pappanastos (1962)
141 Response of Field Crops to Fertilizer and Returns Per Dollar Invested–Department of Agronomy & Soils (1961)
140 Bahiagrass for Forage in Alabama–C. S. Hoveland (1961)
139 Decision Making in Meat Buying–A. C. Hudson and M. J. Danner (1961)
138 Soybeans for Oil in Alabama–R.D. Rouse (1961)
137 Producing Fence Posts from Thinnings–Sherman W. Whipple (1960)
136 Nitrogen for Dallisgrass Pastures in the Black Belt–E.M. Evans, L.A. Smith, and H.W. Grimes (1959)
135 Contract vs. Independent Egg Production and Marketing- An Evaluation of Table Egg Contract Agreements Used in Alabama’s Sand Mountain Area–Bill R. Miller and Morris White (1959)
134 Consumer Reactions to Presto-Pi–W. W. Marshall, Jr., M. J. Danner (1959)
133 Cost of Clearing Land Comparative Expenses with Dozer and Shearing Blades on Crawler-Type Tractors–C. M. Stockes, and J. H. Yeager (1959)
132 Farm Marketing of Truck Crops in Houston County–Edward E. Kern, Jr. (1959)
131 Beef Preferences and Purchasing Practices–M. J. Danner (1959)
130 Farm Marketing of Truck Crops in Baldwin County –Edward E. Kern, Jr. (1959)
129 Owner Experience with Farm Ponds in East Central Alabama–James A. Hutchinson and Morris White (1959)
128 Livestock Market News Situation in Alabama–R. O. Russell and M. J. Danner (1959)
127 Mechanized Cotton Production in Alabama–T.E. Corley, C.M. Stokes and F.A. Kumer (1959)
126 Using Low-Volume Farm Sprayers–T. E. Corley (1959)
125 Fertilization of Camellias–Tokuji Furuta, and Henry P. Orr (1958)
124 Alabama’s Changing Peach Industry–Melvin W. Smith and M. J. Danner (1958
123 High Temperature Drying of Southern Hardwoods –D. B. Richards (1958)
122 Factors Affecting Apple Yields–Jack L. Turner and T. B. Hagler (1958)
121 Acceptance of an Improved Frozen Sweet potato Puree–Jack L. Turner and M. J. Danner (1957)
120 Questions and Answers About Bulk Milk Tanks– Willis W. Marshall, Jr. and Joseph H. Yeager (1957)
119 Consumer-Market Study of “Chilco” Jam and Jelly Report on Acceptance of Improved Products Made from Alabama Blackberries–M. J. Danner, and Jack L. Turner (1957)
118 Azalea Fertilization–Henry P. Orr, Tokuji Furuta, and Charles W. Bell (1957)
117 Harvesting and Storing Silage-A Report of 3-Year of Tests at Five Locations in Alabama–J. L. Butt (1956)
116 Single-Deck Cages for Laying Hens–Dale F. King
115 Factors Affecting Pecan Yields–T. B. Hagler, W. A. Johnson, and H. G. Barwood (1953)
114 Studies with Pickling Cucumbers in Alabama–L. M. Ware, C. L. Isbell, H.Harris, and W. A. Johnson (1953)
113 Partial Poisoning of Overcrowded Fish Populations–H. S. Swingle, E. E. Prather and J. M. Lawrence (1953)
112 Production of Bait Minnows in the Southeast–E. E. Prather J. R. Fielding, M.C. Johnson & Swingle (1953)
111 Cotton-Dairy Farming in Alabama Piedmont–E. L. Mayton and Kenneth B. Roy (1952)
110 Laying Cages for Market Egg Production–Dale F. King (1952)
109 Early Irish Potato Production Practices Alabama–Morris White (1952)
108 Peanut Production Practices in Southeastern Alabama–J. Homer Blackstone (1952)
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