AAES Bulletins

Bulletins are the final report of a completed research project, written by scientists for a scientific audience.

Bulletin Number Title
681 Fertilization of Cotton on Black Belt Soils–C. C. Mitchell , G. Huluka, Rudy Yates, and Jimmy Holliman (2013)
680 Gypsum Use to Reduce P Loss From Agricultural Fields–C.C. Mitchell, D. B. Watts, and H.A. Torbert (2013)
679 Soil Fertility Studies: Sericea Lespedeza on Sand Mountain–C.C. Mitchell, D.M. Ball, J. Mosjidis, and J. Tredway Ducar (2013)
678 Lee County Community Food Security Assessment–E. Meissner (2012) available online only
677 Alternative N Sources for Corn and Cotton in Alabama–C.C. Mitchell, D. B. Watts, and D. P. Moore (2012) available online only
676 Centennial of Alabama’s Cullars Rotation, the South’s Oldest, Continuous Soil Fertility Experiment–C.C. Mitchell, D. P. Delaney, and K. S. Balkcom (2011) available online only
675 Entomosporium Leaf Spot Control on Red-Tip Photinia with Drench and Foliar Fungicides in the Landscape (2011) — A.K. Hagan and J. R. Akridge available online only
674 Farm Operator Perceptions of Barriers to the Use of Irrigation in Alabama–J. J. Molnar, E. Sydnor, D. Rodekohr, M. Runge, and S. Fowler (2011) available online only
673 Cercospora leaf Spot and Growth of Crapemyrtle as Influenced by Nitrogen Rate–A.K. Hagan (2010) available online only
672 Prospects for Biofuels in Alabama: A Synthesis of Expert Opinion –J.F. Dyer, C. Bailey, and L. Teeter (2009)
671 Influence of Nitrogen Fertilization Rate on Disease Incidence, Flower Bud Set, and Growth of Flowering Dogwood in Alabama–A.K. Hagan, J. R. Akridge, and K.L. Bowen (2008) available online only
670 History of the Boll Weevil in Alabama, 1910-2007–R.H. Smith (2007)
669 Seed and Foliar Fungicide Treatments for Control of Wheat Diseases –K.L. Bowen and K. Burch (2007) available online only
668 Comparison of Synthetic and Organic Fungicides for the Control of Spot Anthracnose, Powdery Mildew, and Cercospora Leaf Spot on Flowering Dogwood in Alabama–A.K. Hagan and J.R. Akridge (2007) available online only
667 Heir Property: Legal and Cultural Dimensions of Collective Landownership–J.F. Dyer (2007)
666 Leaf Spot Resistance and Adaptability of Cleyera Selections in South Alabama –A.K. Hagan and J.R. Akridge (2007) available online only
665 Effect of Application Interval on the Control of Early Leaf Spot and White Mold on Peanut with Headline 2.09E Fungicide –A.K. Hagan, K.L. Bowen, H.L. Campbell, and L. Wells (2007) available online only
664 Forage-Fed Beef Attributes: Consumer Preferences and Willingness-to-Pay–D. Fields, J.W. Prevatt, J. Lusk, and C.R. Kerth (2006)
663 Evaluation of Calendar and AU-Pnuts Fungicide Schedules for the Control of Late Leaf Spot and Rust on Peanut in Southwest Alabama–A.K. Hagan, H.L. Campbell, K.L. Bowen, and M Pegues (2006)
662 Alabama Equine Industry: Inventory, Impacts, and Prospects–K. Whiting, J.J. Molnar, and C.A. McCall (2006)
661 Comparison of Calendar and AU-Pnut Advisory Schedules for Bravo Ultrex, Folicur 3.6F, and Abound 2SC for Disease Control and Yield on Florida C-99R Peanut–A.K. Hagan, K.L. Bowen, H.L. Campbell, and L. Wells (2006) available online only
660 Comparison of Abound 2SC Calendar and AU-Pnut Advisory Programs for the Control of Early Leaf Spot and Southern Stem Rot on a Multiple Disease Resistant Runner Peanut–A.K. Hagan, K.L. Bowen, H.L. Campbell, and L. Wells (2006) available online only
659 Comparison of Fungicides for the Control of Powdery Mildew on Dogwood–A.K. Hagan, J.W. Olive, J. Stephenson, and M.E. Rivas-Davila (2005) available online only
658 Control of Powdery Mildew and Cercospora Leaf Spot on Bigleaf Hyudrangea with Heritage and MilStop Fungicides–A.K. Hagan, J.W. Olive, J. Stephenson, and M.E. Rivas-Davila (2005) available online only
657 Evaluation of Commercial Cotton Varieties for Resistance and Tolerance to the Reniform Nematode in Alabama–S. Usery, K.S. Lawrence, C.H. Burmester, R. Akridge, K. Glass, and G.W. Lawrence (2005)
656 Disease Resistance and Response of Shrub and Ground Cover Roses to Fungicides–A.K. Hagan, M.E. Rivas-Davila, J.R. Akridge, and J.W. Olive (2005)
655 Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Pond Water and Bottom Soil in Channel Catfish Ponds in West-Central Alabama–K. Silapajarn, C.E. Boyd, O Silapajarn (2004)
654 (print) Comparison of Recommended Fungicides for Disease Control and Yield Response on Irrigated Peanut–A.K. Hagen, M.E. Rivas-Davila, K.L. Bowen, H.L. Campbell, and L. Wells (2004)
654 (online) 2002-2003 Winter Trial Garden Results–J.R. Kessler, Jr. and A. Caylor (2003)
653 Turfgrass-Sod Production in Alabama: Economics and Marketing–J.J. Cain, J.L. Adrian, P.M. Duffy, and E. Guertal (2003)
652 2002 Summer Trial Garden Results–J.R. Kessler, Jr., J. Coleman, and A. Caylor (2003) available online only
651 Common Disease of Pansy and Viola Cultivars in the Landscape–A.K. Hagan, J. R. Akridge, and M.E. Rivas-Davila (2003)
650 Comparison of Headline 2.09EC and Recommended Fungicides for Disease Control and Yield Response on Peanut–A.K. Hagen, H.L. Campbell, K.L. Bowen, and L. Wells (2003)
649 Controlling the Southern Pine Beetle: Small Landowner Perceptions and Practices–J.J. Molnar, J. Schelhas, and C. Holeski (2003)
648 Disease Resistance of Selected Cultivars of Indian Hawthorne in Alabama–A.K. Hagan, J.R. Akridge, K.L. Bowen, J.W. Olive, and K.M. Tilt (2002)
647 Estimating Costs of Off-stream Irrigation Storage Reservoirs–L.M. Curtis, M.M. Nelson, and P.L. Oakes (2001)
646 Core Conservation Practices: Paths and Barriers Perceived by Small and Limited Resource Farmers–J.J. Molnar, Annette Bitto, and Gail Brant (2001)
645 Redbud Insects: A Guide to Recognition and Habits in Alabama–L.L. Hyche (2001)
644 Resistance of Selected Crapemyrtle Cultivars to Powdery Mildew and Cercospora Leaf Spot–Hagan, Keever, Gilliam, Williams and Cheech (2001) — Available Online Only
643 Influence of Peanut Cultivar, Planting Date, and Nematicide on the Severity of Southern Stem Rot, Peanut Root-knot and Peanut Yield–Hagan, Weeks, Bowen and Wells (2001) available online only
642 Disease Resistance and Adaptability of Flowering, Kousa, and Hybrid Dogwood in Alabama–Hagan, Gilliam, Keever, Hardin, Eakes, and Williams (2001)
641 Disease Resistance and Adaptability of Cultivars of Crabapple to the Culf Coast Regions of Alabama–Hagan, Tilt, Williams and Akridge (2000)
640 From Artichoke to Zucchini: Vegetable Varieties for the Southeast–E.H. Simmone, R.T. Boozer, R.N. Bakityarova, and E.L. Vinson III. (2000)
639 Occurrence of Dogwood Anthracnose, Spot Antracnose and Botrytis in Native Stands on Flowering Dogwood in North Alabama–A.K. Hagan and J.M. Mullen (1998)
638 The Effects of Row Width and Leaf Shape on Cotton Growth and Yield–C.D. Monks, M.G. Patterson, D.P. Delaney, and M.D. Pegues (1998)
637 Red-topped Pines in the Urban Forest: Cause and Consequence: A Guide to Recognition and Role of Pine Bark Beetles and Needle Cast–L.L. Hyche (1998)
636 Performance of Peach and Nectarine Cultivars in Gulf Coast Area of Alabama–W.A. Dozier (1998)
635 Periodical Cicadas (The 13-Year Locusts) in Alabama–L.L. Hyche (1998)
634 The Bagworm: A Guide to Recognition and Habits on Alabama Trees–Lacy L. Hyche (1998)
633 Stinging Caterpillars of Alabama: A Guide to Recognition of Species Found on Alabama Trees–Lacy Hyche (1998)
632 Varieties for the Alabama Vegetable Industry and the Southeast–Eric Simonne, Joseph Kemble, and Bobby Boozer (1997)
631 Phosphorus Accumulation and Loss from Alabama Soils Receiving Poultry Litter–Gregory L. Mullins and Benjamin F. Hajek (1997)
630 The Sycamore Leaf Beetle: A Guide to Recognition and Habits in Alabama–L.L. Hyche (1996)
629 The Eastern Tent Caterpillar: A Guide to Recognition and Habits in Alabama–L.L. Hyche (1996)
628 Plum Variety Trials in Alabama, 1986-1995–G.E. Boyhan, J.D. Norton, M.H. Hollingsworth, J.A. Pitts, J.B. Witt, H.W. Ivey, and J.T. Owen (1996)
627 The Twig Girdler: A Guide to Recognition and Habits in Alabama–L.L. Hyche
626 Increasing Supermarket Floral Sales with Floral Demonstration–Bridget Behe, Lisa Beckett, and Catherine Walker (1995)
625 Economic Feasibility of Turfgrass-Sod Production–J.L. Adrian, Jr., W.M. Lloyd, and P.A. Duffy (1995)
624 Rate of Fertilizing Cotton at Prattville, 1934-1994–C.C. Mitchell, F.J. Arriage, and D.A. Moore (1994)
623 Organization Impacts and Prospects for the Breeding and Rasing of Horses in Alabama–R.D. Broadway, J.J.Molnar, C. A. McCall and R. M. Pendergrass (1994)
622 The Yellow-Poplar Leaf-Mining Weevil A Guide to Recognition and Habits in Alabama–L.L. Hyche (1994)
621 Economic Analysis of Effluent Control from Catfish Ponds–German A. Cerezo and Howard A. Clonts (1994)
620 LOW-FAT Fresh Pork Sausage Production–Dale L. Huffman, C. M. Chen, W. R. Egbert, and D. D. Bradford (1993)
619 Performance of Strawberry Cultivars in Central and North Alabama Grown on the Matted Row System–W. A. Dozier, Jr., D. G. Himelrick, A. W. Caylor,J. A. Pitts, M. H. Hollingsworth and W. B. Webster (1992)
618 Returns to Catfish Advertising and Optimal Spending Levels–H. Kinnucan, Walter Zidack, and Upton Hatch (1992)
617 The Redheaded Pine Sawfly: A Guide to Recognition and Habits–L. L. Hyche (1992)
616 Crime and Alabama Farms: Victimization Action–J.E. Dunkelberger, J.M. Clayton, R.S. Myrick and Gladys J. Lyles (1992)
615 Response of Channel Catfish to Variable Concentrations of Dietary Protein–M.H. Li and R.T. Lovell (1992)
614 Systems Simulations of Strategies for Reducing the Economic Risks of Producing and Marketing of Corn in North Alabama–James Novak, Robert Nelson, Bob Goodman, and Rebecca Travnichek (1992)
613 Market for Agricultural Land in the Rural-Urban Fringe of Dothan, Alabama–J.L. Adrian and M. Darren Cannon (1992)
612 Consumer Response to A News Lean Ground Beef Product: Results from a Home-Use Comparative Test of AU LEAN–John E. Dunkelberger, Douglas H. Summerford, Dale L. Huffman, and W. Russell Egbert (1992)
611 Retail Grocery Markets for Catfish–Upton Hatch and Surajudeen Olowolayemo (1991)
610 Alabama’s Turfgrass-Sod Industry–Robert W. White, John L. Adrian, and Ray Dickens (1991)
609 A Simplified Theory of Point Kriging and Its Extension to Co-kriging and Sampling Optimization–G.P.Y. Clarke and J. H. Dane (1991)
608 Weed Control in Minimum Tillage Cotton Rotations–M.G. Patterson, W.B. Webster, H. Ivey, and L.W. Wells (1990)
607 Effects of Catfish Advertising on Consumers’ Attitudes, Purchase Frequency, and Farmers’ Incomes–Henry Kinnucan, Meenakshi Venkateswaran, and Upton Hatch (1990)
606 Advances in Lean Ground Beef Production–Dale L. Huffman and W. Russell Egbert (1990)
605 Adoption and Diffusion Potentials for Bovine Somatotropin in the Southeast Dairy Industry–Henry Kinnucan, Upton Hatch, Joseph J. Molnar, and Robert Pendergrass (1990)
604 User’s Guide to a Multipurpose Forest Projection System for Southern Forests–Roger K. Bolton and Ralph S. Meldahl (1990)
603 Design and Development of Multipurpose Forest Projection System for Southern Forests–Roger K. Bolton and Ralph S. Meldahl (1990)
602 Rural Land Markets in Alabama–J. L. Adrian and W. E. Hardy (1989)
601 Seasonal Cycle and Habits of the Butternut Woolly Worm–L. L. Hyche (1989)
600 Current Use Property Assessment in Alabama–Warren A. Flick, Steven W. Krietemeyer and Clifford A. Hickman (1989)
599 Seepage from Fishponds–Natham M. Stone and Claude E. Boyd (1989)
598 Performance of Rabbiteye Blueberry Cultivars in South Alabama–W. A. Dozier, Jr., J. W. Knowles, A. W. Caylor, A. A. Powell, R. Akridge, and M. A. McGuire (1989)
597 Econometric Analysis of Demand and Price-Markup Functions for Catfish at the Processor Level–Henry Kinnucan and David Wineholt (1989)
596 Marketing Alternatives for East Alabama Catfish Producers–Carol R. Engle (1989)
595 A Summary of Swine Crossbreeding Research at Auburn University–Steve B. Jungst and Daryl Kuhlers (1988)
594 Soil Fertility Experiments with Peanuts in Alabama 1973-1986–D. L. Hartzog and J. F. Adams (1988)
593 Dairy Cattle Performance on Oasic Phalaris Low-Endophyte KY-31 Fescue, and Winter Annuals–B.R. Moss, L.A. Smith, J. L. Holliman, H. W. Grimes and C. C. King (1988)
592 Economic Effects of Increased Vertical Control in Agriculture: The Case of the U.S. Egg Industry–Alex Brand, Henry Kinnucan, and Marc Warman (1988)
591 Degree-Day Maps for Management of Soybean Insect Pests in Alabama–D. A. Herbert, T. P. Mack R. B. Reed, and R. Getz (1988)
590 Alabama Grain Marketing System in the 1980–James L. Stallings (1988)
589 Production and Marketing of Azaleas in Baldwin and Mobile Counties Alabama–Michael L. Hill, Lowell E. Wilson and Ronald L. Shumack (1987)
588 Effect of Soil Removal and Herbicide Treatment on Soil Properties and Early Loblolly Pine Growth–C.L. Tuttle, M. S. Golden, and R. S. Meldahl (1987)
587 Harzardous Waste and Emergency Planning–Charles S. Faupel, Conner Bailey, and Marcus Williams (1987)
586 Wholesale Market Potential for Fresh Vegetable Grown in North Alabama–M.E. Zwingli, J.L. Adrian, W.E. Hardy and W. J. Free (1987)
585 Performance of Soybean Cultivars in Fields Infested with Plant-Parasitic Nematodes in Alabama–R.Rodriguez-Kabana, D. B. Weaver, and E. L. Carden (1987)
584 Evaluation of Aerators for Channel Catfish Farming–Claude E. Boyd and Taufik Ahmad (1987)
583 Determining the Economic Effects of Off-Flavor Catfish–Scott Sindelar, Henry Kinnucan, and Upton Hatch (1987)
582 Farming, Food & Agriculture Outlooks and Perceptions of Alabama Residents–J.J. Molnar and S. M. Mulla (1987)
581 Tools of Estate Planning for Alabama Farms–W. J. Hardy Jr. and Sidney C. Bell (1986)
580 Estate Planning for Alabama Farms A Case Study–William J. Hardy, Jr. and Sidney C. Bell (1986)
579 Sawmill Improvement Efficiency Analysis–Honorio F. Carino (1986)
578 Legal Knowledge of Estate Planning Possessed by Alabama–Sidney C. Bell and Arnie A. O’Mary (1986)
577 Forage Nutritive Quality of Weeds in Alabama–C.S. Hoveland, G.A. Buchanan, S. Bosworth, and I.J. Bailey (1986)
576 An Interactive Simulation Program to Model Feller-Bunchers–W. D. Greene and B. L. Lanford (1986)
575 Response of Corn Hybrids to Aflatoxin Formation by Aspergillus Flavus–N.D. Davis, Clifford G. Currer and Urban L. Diener (1985)
574 A Generalized Plotting Program to Produce Stand Maps–J.S. Conwa, B.L. Lanford, B.J. Stokes, and W.D. Greene (1985)
573 Thinning with the John Deere 743A–Bobby Lanford and Bryce J. Stockes (1985)
572 Weed Survey of Permanent in Three Southern States–G.A. Buchanan, E.W. Hauser, A.S. Causey, & Jim Adams (1985)
571 Turfgrass-Sod Marketing in Alabama–John Adrian, Charles Lokey, and Ray Dickens
570 Peach and Nectarine Varietal Performance in the Wiregrass Area of Alabama–W. A. Dozier, J. W. Knowles, and H. W. Ivey (1985)
569 Application of the Hewlett-Packard 41CV In Elemental Time Studies–J. D. Schroering and B. L. Lanford (1985)
568 An Economic Analysis of Selected Alabama Dairy Farms–J.F. Sims and L.E. Wilson (1985)
567 Birdsfood Trefoil-Grass for Steers in the Tennessee Valley–C.S. Hoveland, R.R. Harris, R.L. Haaland, J.A. McGuire, W. B. Webster, and V. H. Calvert II (1985)
566 Seed Source Variations in Growth and Ornamental Traits of Virginia Pine–Charles O. Walick, Stuart E. Diba, and James F. Goggans (1985)
565 Industry Attitudes Toward A Computerize Marketing System for Fresh Fruits and Vegetable in Alabama–Charles O. Walick, Stuart E. Diba, and James F. Goggans (1985)
564 Timber Cruising with the Hewlett-Packard 41CV Hand Held Programmable Calculator–J. D. Schroerung and B. L. Lanford (1985)
563 Orchardgrass Ladino Clover Pasture for Stocker Steers in North Alabama–R.R. Harris, C.S. Hoveland, J.A. McGuire, W. B. Webster, and V. H. Calvert, II (1984)
562 Improving Market Coordinator in the Catfish Industry in West Alabama–Steven D. Mims and Greg Sullivan (1984)
561 Long-Term Fertility Experiments on Cotton, Corn, Soybeans, Sorghum and Peanuts, 1929-1982–J. T. Cope (1984)
560 A Comparison of Calves by Hereford and Limousin Bulls–T. B. Patterson, L. A. Smith, H. W. Grimes, and J. L. Holliman (1984)
559 Fertilizer Experiments with Tall Fescue and White Clover in Alabama–C. H. Burmester and Fred Adams (1984)
558 Observations on the Hydrology and Morphometry of Ponds on the Auburn University Fisheries Research Unit–Claude E. Boyd and James L. Shelton, Jr. (1984)
557 Evaluation of Five Non-Spur Strains of Red Delicious Apples in Central Alabama–J.W. Knowles, W.A. Griffey, H.E. Burgess, E.L. Mayton, A.A. Powell and J A. McGuire (1984)
556 Irrigation Schedules for Peanut Production–E.W. Rochester, P.A. Backman, J.A. McGuire, L.M. Curtis, Jim Starling and Henry Ivey (1984)
555 Forestry Activities and Water Quality in Alabama–M.S. Golden, C.L .Tuttle, J.S. Kush, and J. Bradley, III (1984)
554 Private Landownership in Alabama–J. A. Adrian and J. E. Dunkelberger (1983)
553 Fall-Spring Nitrogen Combinations for Wheat Grain Production–J. T. Touchton and W. L. Hargrove (1983)
552 Characteristics, Advantages, and Disadvantage of the Various Forms of Business Organization Used by Alabama Farmers–Sidney C. Bell and N. Cecil Dorsery, Jr. (1983)
551 Characteristics and Legal Requirements for the Various Forms of Business Organization Available to Alabama Farmers–Sidney C. Bell and N. Cecil Doresery, Jr. (1983)
550 Soil-Test Evaluation Experiments at 10 Alabama Locations 1977-83–J.T. Cope (1983)
549 Alabama Broilers: Product Form, Market Destination, and Consumer Preferences–J. S. Smith and M. White (1983)
548 Effect of Production and Credit Managment Factors on Catfish Investment and Profitability–J.B. Flynn, Neil R. Martin, Jr., and Gregory D. Hanson (1983)
547 Balloonvine Biology and Control in Soybeans–E.R. Jolley, R.H. Walker, J.A. McGuire, S.K. Johnston, D.S. Murray, and J. C. Williams (1983)
546 Production and Marketing of Woody Ornamental in Alabama–Fred B. Perry, Jr. and M. B. Badenhop (1982)
545 Evaluating Mourning Dove Crop Gland Activity Associated with Crop Milk Production–Ralph E. Mirarchi and Patrick F. Scanlon (1982)
544 Pick-Your-Own and Farmers’ Markets Direct Marketing Alternatives for Alabama Growers–John Adrian and Veronica Vitelli (1982)
543 Rye-Ryegrass Legume Trials in Alabama 1978-1981–Carl S. Hoveland and M. W. Allison, Jr. (1982)
542 Legal Entanglements Common to Alabama Farmers–Debra J. Metzger and Sidney C. Bell (1982)
541 Performance of Preplant Incorporated and Preemergence Applied Herbicides for Weed Control in Cotton–Ted Whitwell, R. Harold Walker, and Glenn Wehje (1982)
540 International Trade in Soybeans and Products Implications of Alabama–J.L. Stalling (1982)
539 Evaluation of the Holder A55F Logging Tractor–Roy E. Hoffman, Bobby L. Lanford, and Ronald H. Iff (1982)
538 Production of Peanuts as Affected by Weed Competition and Row Spacing–E. Hauser and Gale A. Buchanan (1982)
537 Birdsfoot Trefoil in Alabama–C. S. Hoveland, R. L. Haaland, R. R. Harris and J. A. McGuire (1982)
536 An Analysis of 26-Years of Beef Bull Performance Testing at Auburn University–T.B. Patterson, G.B. Meadows and J. A. McGuire (1982)
535 Alabama Farm Operator Perspectives On A Changing Structure of Agriculture–J. J. Molnar (1982)
534 An Input-Output Model of Alabama’s Economy: Understanding Forestry’s Role–P. Trenchi, III., and W.A. Flick (1982)
533 Growth Suppressant Chemicals for Establishment of Winter Annual Forages on Bahia and Bermudagrass Sod–C. S. Hoveland, R. F. McCormick, Jr., J. A. Little, G. V. Granade and J. G. Starling (1981)
532 Rapeseed in Alabama–C. S. Hoveland, J. W. Odom, R. L. Haaland, and M. W. Alison, Jr. (1981)
531 Seeding Legumes into Tall Fescue Sod–C. S. Hoveland, M. W. Alison, Jr., W. B. Webster, V. H. Calvert, II, J. T. Eason, M. E. Ruf, W. A. Griffey, H. E. Burgess, L. A. Smith and H. W. Grimes, Jr. (1981)
530 Tall Fescue with Ladino Clover or Birdsfood Trefoil As Pasture for Steers in Northern Alabama–C.S. Hoveland, R. R. Harris, E. E. Thomas, E.M. Clark, J.A. McGuire, J. T. Eason and M. E. Ruf (1981)
529 Commercial Turfgrass-Sod Production in Alabama–J.L. Adrian, J.A. Yates, and R. Dickens (1981)
528 Nitrogen Fertilizer Rates and Cotton Petiole Analysis in Alabama Field Experiment–J.T. Touchton, Fred Adams and C. H. Burmester (1981)
527 Use of Marketing Alternatives for Major Crops Produced in Alabama–J. L. Adrian, J. G. Lott and M. White (1981)
526 Legal Knowledge Possessed by Alabama Farmers Illustrated by Fact Situations and Legal Solutions–J. T. Touchton, Fred Admas and C. H. Burmester (1980)
525 Incidence of Plum Leaf Scald in Alabama–A. J. Latham and J. D. Norton (1980)
524 Soybean Basis Pattern in Alabama Market Areas–E. H. Easterling and Morris White (1980)
523 Grain Firms and Grain Movements in Alabama in 1977–Leo M. Headley and James L. Stallings (1980)
522 Water Chemistry of Alabama Ponds–R. G. Arce and Claude E. Boyd (1980)
521 Utilization of Catfish Processing Waste–Richard T. Lovell (1980)
520 Agricultural Lending Profitability for Alabama Commercial Banks–M.W. Moore and William E. Hardy, Jr. (1980)
519 Pruning and Training of Red Delicious Apples–W.A. Dozier, Jr., C.C. Carlton, K.C. Short, W.A. Griffey, H.E. Burgess, A.A. Powell and John McGuire (1980)
518 Managerial Ability and Its Effects on Farm Growth–J. K. Morrow, II, W. E. Hardy, Jr., and S. C. Bell (1980)
517 Climatic Features and Length of Growing Season in Alabama–Jere R. Gallup (1980)
516 Determining Peanut Harvest Dates in Alabama by the Arginine Maturity Index (AMI)–J. D. Weete, W. D. Branch, and T. A. McArdle (1979)
515 Tall Fescue and Phalaris Pasture for Steers–C. S. Hoveland, R. L. Haaland, C. C. King, W. B. Anthony, J. A. McGuire, L. A. Smith, H. W. Grimes, and J. L. Holliman (1979)
514 Tall Fescue and Phalaris on Dallisgrass Sod in the Black Belt–C. S. Hoveland, L. A. Smith, and H. W. Grimes (1979)
513 Marketing of Alabama Cotton Methods and Problems–Gary W. Hill, William E. Hardy, Jr., and Morris White (1979)
512 An Analysis of the Rural Land Market in the Limestone Soil Region of Alabama–David T. Laird and J. L. Adrian (1979)
511 Efficient Vehicle Route: A Milk Distribution Example–Vayden L. Murphy, Jr., and Williams E. Hardy, Jr. (1979)
510 Using Farm Machinery Effectively–Elmo Renoll (1979)
509 Forward Contracting of Cotton–Morris White and Michael A. Davis (1979)
508 Development Characteristics in Non Metropolitan Alabama: Social Indicators and Industrialization–Joseph J. Molnar and Virginia Smith (1979)
507 Population Migration in Alabama 1960-1975 Trends and Implication–Joseph J. Molnar and Calvin Vanlandingham (1978)
506 Machine Systems for Transporting and Handling Large Round Bales–Elmo Renoll, L.A. Smith, and J. L. Stallings (1978)
505 Predicting Nighttime Oxygen Depletion in Catfish Ponds–Robert P. Romaire and Claude E. Boyd (1978)
504 Variations in Rural Land Values in the Wiregrass Region of Alabama–S. R. Spurlock and J. L. Adrian (1978)
503 Maintaining Fescue in Bahia Mixtures–C. S. Hoveland, R. F. McCormick, Jr., E. L. Carden, R. Rodriguez-Kabana, and J. T. Shelton (1978)
502 Estate Planning: Problems and Procedures Encountered by Alabama Farmers–Howard A. Clonts and Laird R. Jones (1978)
501 A 30-Year History of Research on Auburn University’s Experiment Forests–Wilbur B. DeVall (1978)
500 Agricultural Lending in Selected Agriculturally Oriented Alabama Commercial Banks–S. C. Bell and Robert J. Bradock (1978)
499 Comparison of Mulch Material for Highway Vegetation Establishment–Ray Dickens and William J. Johnston (1978)
498 Camping Demand in Alabama–J. L. Boutwell and E. W. McCoy (1978)
497 Forage Systems for Beef Cows & Calves in the Piedmont–C. S. Hoveland, W. B. Anthony, J. A. McGuire, W. A. Griffey, and H. E. Burgess (1977)
496 Overseeding Winter Annual Forage on Coastal Sod for Beef Cows and Calves– C. S. Hoveland (1977)
495 Budgeting for Selected Aquacultural Enterprises–K. W. Crawford and E. W. McCoy (1977)
494 Alabama Agriculture 1950-1976: Year of Change and Progress–S. R. Spurlock and J. L. Adrian (1977)
493 Aflatoxin Formation in Peanuts by Aspergillus flavus–U.L. Diener and N.D. Davis (1977)
492 The Effect and Use of Alternative Credit Policies on the Financial Growth of an Alabama Farm– Homer C. Daniel, Jr., Sidney C. Bell and William E. Hardy, Jr. (1977)
491 Economic Impact of Uncontrolled White-Fringed Beetle Damage to Peanut Farmers in Alabama, Georgia and Florida–John L. Boutwell (1977)
490 Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Factors Responsible for the Earthy Odor in the Auburn City Water Supply–J.D. Weete, W.T. Blevins, G.R. Wilt, and D. Durham (1977)
489 Peanut Leafspot Research in Alabama 1970-1976–P.A. Backman, R. Rodiguez-Kabana, J.M. Hammond, E.M. Clark, J. A. Lyle, H. W. Ivey, II, and J. G. Starling (1977)
488 X-Ray Spectroscopic Analysis of Six Mineral Elements in Woody Tissues–S.L. Smith, H.O. Beals, B.F. Hajek and Terry C. Davis (1977)
487 Use of Cash Flow Statements as a Financial Management Tool–Richard W. Wilt, Jr., and Sidney C. Bell (1977)
486 Figure in Wood: An Illustrated Review–Harold O. Beals and Terry C. Davis (1977)
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109 Strawberries–F. S. Earle (1900)
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105 Winter Pastures, Hay and Fertility Afforded by Hairy Vetch–J.F. Duggar (1899)
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101 Experiment With Cotton in 1899–J. F. Duggar (1899)
100 Lawns-Pastures and Hay–P. H. Mell (1898)
99 Cotton Rust–F. S. Earle (1898)
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97 Dairy and Milk Inspection–C. A. Cary (1898)
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95 Experiments with Oats–J. F. Duggar (1898)
94 Strawberries– J. F. Duggar (1898)
93 Peanuts, Cowpeas and Sweet Potatoes As Food for Pigs–J.F. Dugar (1898)
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91 Cooperative Fertilizer Experiments with Cotton in 1897–J. F. Duggar (1898)
90 Peach Tree Borer–Fruit Bark Beetle–C. F. Baker (1898)
89 Experiments with Cotton–J. F. Duggar (1898)
88 Experiments with Corn–J. F. Duggar (1897)
87 Soil Inoculation for Leguminous Plants–J. F. Duggar (1897)
86 (I) More About the San Jose Scale, (II) A Sweet Potatoes Pest, (III) Regarding Carbon Bisulfid, (IV) Insecticides and Pumps in General–C. F. Baker (1897)
85 Japanese Plums–F. S. Earle (1897)
84 Turnips–F. S. Earle (1897)
83 Hybrids from American and Foreign Cottons–P. H. Mell (1897)
82 Corn, Cow Peas and Wheat-Bran for Fattening Pigs–J. F. Duggar (1897)
81 Meat Inspection–C.A. Cary (1897)
80 A Preliminary List of Alabama Fungi–L. M. Underwood and F. S. Earle (1897)
79 Some Horticultural Suggestion–F. S. Earle (1897)
78 Cooperative Fertilizers Experiment with Cotton in 1896 (1897)
77 San Jose Scale: A Warning to the Fruit Growers of Alabama, and Some Other Insect Pests–C. F. Baker (1897)
76 Experiments with Cotton–J. F. Duggar (1897)
75 Experiments with Corn– J. F. Duggar (1896)
74 Flour Considered from the Standpoint of Nutrition–L. M. Underwood (1896)
73 Edible Fungi: A Wasted Food Product–L.M. Underwood (1896) (not available)
72 A Study of Skin Tumors of Horses and Mules–S. L. Coleman (1896)
71 Experiment with Foreign Cotton–P. H. Mell (not available)
70 The Flora of Alabama Pt. V–P. H. Mell (1896)
69 Treatment of Some Fungus Diseases–L. W. Underwood and F. S. Earle (1896)
68 Pig Feeding Experiments–C. A. Cary (not available)
67 Bovine Tuberculosis–C. A. Cary (not available)
66 Cane Syrup–B. B. Ross (1895)
65 Cooperative Seed Tests–Alex J. Bondurant (1895)
64 Tobacco–Alex J. Bondurant (1895)
63 Fertilizers-Commercial and Domestic–B. B. Ross (not available)
62 Corn and Cotton–Alex J. Bondurant (not available)
61 Insects Injurious to Stored Grain–J.M. Stedman (not available)
60 Experiments on Foreign Seeds–P.H. Mell (not available)
59 Cooperative Soil Tests of Corn–A.J. Bondurant (not available)
58 Paris Green: Composition and Adulterations–B.B. Ross (1894) (not available)
57 Fertilizers Required by Cotton as Determined by the Analysis of the Plant–J.T. Anderson (1894) (not available)
56 Experiments in Crossing for the Purpose of Improving the Cotton Fibre–P.H. Mell (1894) (not available)
55 A New Disease of Cotton; Cotton Boll Rot–J.M. Stedman (1894) (not available)
54 Tobacco–A.J. Bondurant (1894) (not available)
53 A New Milk or Water Sterilizer–C.A. Cary (1894) (not available)
52 Corn and Cotton–A.J. Bondurant (1894) (not available)
51 Vegetables–A.J. Bondurant (1893) (not available)
50 Fruit Tree Blight in General–J.M. Stedman (1893)
49 Varieties of Wheat and Grasses–A.J. Bondurant and James Clayton (1893)
48 The Effect of Organic Matter on Natural Phosphates; Commercial Fertilizers–N.T. Lupton (1893) not available
47 Fruits–A.J. Bondurant and James Clayton (1893)
46 Rye vs. Ensilage–A.J. Bondurant and A.F. Cory (1893)
45 Injurious and Beneficial Insects–J.M. Stedman (1893)
44 Tobacco plant–A.J. Bondurant (1893)
43 Eye Diseases of Domestic Animals–C.A. Cary (1893)
42 Co-operative Soil Test Experiments–A.J. Bondurant and James Clayton (1893)
41 Some Diseases of Cotton–Geo F. Atkinson (1892)
40 Cotton Experiments–A.J. Bondurant and JAS. Clayton (1893)
39 Wheat–A.J. Bondurant and JAS. Clayton (1892)
38 Fertilizers–N.T. Lupton (1892)
37 Tobacco–A.J. Bondurant (1892)
36 Some Leaf Blights of Cotton–Geo F. Atkinson (1892)
35 Glanders–C.A. Cary (1892)
34 Cooperative Soil Test Experiments for 1891 (1892)
33 Cotton–J.S. Newman and JAS. Clayton (1891)
32 Corn, Wheat and Oats–J.S. Newman and JAS. Clayton (1891)
31 Irish and Sweet Potatoes–J.S. Newman and JAS. Clayton (1891)
30 Apples, Pears, Peaches and Plums–J.S. Newman (1891)
29 Grapes, Raspberries and Strawberries–J.S. Newman and JAS. Clayton (1891)
28 Watermelons and Cantaloupes–J.S. Newman and JAS. Clayton (1891)
27 Black Rust of Cotton–G.F. Atkinson (1891)
26 Commercial Fertilizer–N.T. Lupton (1891) NEW SERIES
25 Effect on Butter by Feeding Cotton Seed and Cotton Seed Meal–N.T. Lupton (1891) NEW SERIES
24 Dairying and Breeding–Isaac Ross (1891)
23 Cooperative Soil Tests of Fertilizers–J.S. Newman (1891) NEW SERIES
22 Experiments with Cotton–J.S. Newman and JAS Clayton (1891)
21 A New Root Rot Disease of Cotton–Geo F. Atkinson 
20 Small Fruits, Melons and Vegetables–J.S. Newman and JAS Clayton (1890)
19 Roads and Road Making–J.H. Lane (1890) NEW SERIES
18 Climatology of Alabama–P.H. Mell (1890) NEW SERIES
17 Dry Application of Paris Green and London Purple for the Cotton Worm–Geo F. Atkinson (1890) NEW SERIES
16 Corn, Cotton, Rye, Chufas–J.S. Newman (1890) NEW SERIES
15 Insecticides–Geo F. Atkinson (1890) NEW SERIES
14 Pea Vines as a Fertilizer–N.T. Lupton (1890) NEW SERIES
13 Microscopic Study of Certain Varieties of Cotton–P.N. Mell (1890) NEW SERIES
12 Cooperative Soil Tests (1890) NEW SERIES
11 Peaches and Plums (1890) NEW SERIES
10 Grape Culture (1890) NEW SERIES
9 Biology-Nematode Root-Galls (1889) NEW SERIES
8 Commercial Fertilizers (1889) NEW SERIES
7 Report of Agricultural Experiment Station (1890) CANEBRAKE SERIES
Cotton, Corn, Peas, Melilotus (1890)
6 Report of Agricultural Experiment Station (1889) NEW SERIES
Grasses and Their Cultivation 1889
5 Report of Agricultural Experiment Station (1889) NEW SERIES 1889
Cotton–Experiments with Fertilizers
Experiments with Varieties
Experiments on Different Soils
Pigs–Feeding for Pork
Cattle–Description of Barn and Dairy–Feeding for Butter
Analyses–of Fertilizers, Soils and Feed Stuffs
Meteorology–Temperature of Soil at Different Depths; Atmospheric Conditions; Rainfall, etc.
4 Report of Agricultural Experiment Station (1889) NEW SERIES
Strawberry Culture
Grape Culture and Pruning
Raspberry Culture 1889
3 Report of Agricultural Experiment Station (1889) NEW SERIES (not available)
Report of Experiments with Corn, Sweet Potatoes, Ground Peas, Turnips & Grapes
Analysis of Fertilizers, Soils, Etc.
Woods of Alabama
2 Report of Agricultural Experiment Station (1888) NEW SERIES 1888
1 Report of Agricultural Experiment Station (1888) NEW SERIES 1888

During its first five years, the experiment station furnished articles on research for publication in 32 bulletins issued by the department of agriculture. Four different series of bulletins were issued during that period (1883-1888), each beginning with number one. (From “Inside Ag Hill” by Joe Yeager and Gene Stevenson)


1-10 (1883-1885)
1-9 (1885-1887) SECOND SERIES
1-8 for 1887
1-5 for 1888
These early publications issued before the passage of the “Hatch Act,” are rare and mostly out of print; this is partly due to the burning of the college building in 1887, which destroyed many of the files. The present volume commences the series issued under the Hatch fund.


This series reported on research conducted at the Canebrake Experiment Station, a so-called branch station located near Uniontown that had been established and funded by the Alabama Legislature and which was headed W.H. Newman, son of the Auburn Experiment Station director. The Auburn Station severed its ties with the politically troublesome Canebrake Station in 1890. (from Inside Ag Hill, written by Joe Yeager and Gene Stevenson)