Project Summaries

CO. P.I.
Genomic discovery of agronomic traits in plants #954 Leslie
8/1/13 7/31/18 Material for DNA/RNA extraction and high-throughput genomic sequencing
Phenotyping the US peanut mini-core collection to identify loci contributing to desirable traits for cultivar development (pending) #1056 Charles
12/20/15 6/30/16 evaluation of TSWV resistance in peanut mini-core collection germplasm
Evaluation of selected strains for growth promotion and nutrient uptake in wheat under different soil and temperature conditions #1026 Joseph Kloepper Ping
5/15/15 3/1/16 Evaluate effects of seed treatments of two products at low and high concentrations on early growth and nutrient uptake of wheat under four different soil environments across two temperatures in the greenhouse
Greenhouse Tomato Variety Trial #1028 Joseph
6/15/15 3/1/16 To continue evaluation of yield and quality of selected greenhouse tomato varieties of a variety trial currently in progress.  Please see the attached outline.
The influence of cogongrass population origin on herbicide #982 Stephen
Nancy Loewenstein 6/15/14 2/1/16 To determine if accessions of cogongrass collected from multiple populations across the southeastern US vary in morphology and susceptibility to glyphosate treatment.
Sulfur for Corn #1022 Beth
5/6/15 2/9/16 Test different S sources for corn.
Ecological investigations of the nickel hyperaccmulator plant Streptanthus polygaloides (Brasicacaeae) #1003 Robert
Katherine Mincey 2/18/15 2/18/16 To consider the role of tolerance to damage in Ni hyper accumulators by comparing fitness of S. polygaloides and S. albidus when subjected to artificial herbivory.
Schwalbea americana Experiment 2 #1048 Sharon Hermann Kathryn
10/20/15 2/29/16
Schwalbea americana Experiment 1 #1047 Sharon Hermann Kathryn
10/20/15 2/29/16
Stress Tolerance and nutrient utilization with PGPR and Effect of PGPR treatment on cotton, corn and tomato #1007 Joseph Kloepper 3/11/15 3/11/16 The objectives of the experiments is to investigate the potential and ability of beneficial microbes in helping plants tolerate drought stress
AU-AGRICEN Tests of Accomplish LM in Tomato #1040 Joseph Kloepper Ping
9/9/15 3/30/16 To determine the optimum rate of Accomplish LM needed to promote growth of tomato in potting mix
Production of Virus-Free Sweet potato Slips #1017 Wheeler
3/30/15 3/31/16 Produce Virus-Free Sweetpotato Slips for 2015 Summer Field Trials
Birdsfoot Trefoil #1038 Edzard
van Santen
8/1/15 4/30/16 Raise bridsfoot trefoil plants for transplanting to the field. Group I are plants raised from seed that will be transplanted at the Plant Breeding Unit in March/April 2016. Group I are plants that survived under grazing at SMREC. These plants will be ship
Development of Reniform Nematode resistant cotton germplasm lines – Generation #1037 David
Kathy Lawrence 7/1/15 6/30/16 Development of Reniform Nematode resistant germplasm and cultivars
Evaluation of disease resistance in genetically modified peanuts #1027 Kira
6/1/15 8/17/16 To evaluate resistance reactions to important diseases on transformed peanuts relative to reactions of parental lines and commercially available cultivars. Peanut leaf spots will be first diseases to be evaluated.
Cytokinin and Stress Regulation in Tomato #1039 Aaron
9/2/15 8/31/16 Examine expression patterns of a set of Cytokinin and Stress regulated genes in Tomato during development
Experimentation on and maintenance of plant virus diseases. #1042 John
10/1/15 9/30/16 Maintenance of plant virus stocks and use of plant viruses to study virus-host interactions, potential plant resistance and virus-induced symptoms.
Effect of Xylella fastidiosa in the mineral composition of host plants #1045 Leonardo
De La Fuente
Aaron Rashotte
10/16/15 10/20/16 Determine the effect of mineral elements in the plant infection process by Xylella fastidiosa
Transplants for Variety Trials #1050 Joseph
Edgar Vinson 1/4/16 12/1/16 To provide transplants for variety trial studies to be conducted at the E.V. Smith Research Center in Shorter and the Brewton Agricultural Research Unit in Brewton.
Proof of Pathogenicity for new pathogens found in Alabama on ornamental, forage & agrnomic crops Austin
Kassie Conner 6/10/14 12/30/16
Greenhouse and microplot evaluations of plant pathogen management options. #1046 Kathy Lawrence 10/1/15 12/31/16 Evaluation of management options for multiple pest control.
Propagation and Maintenance  of Plant Stock for Medicinal Plant Garden #1023 Dennis Shannon Tia
5/5/15 12/31/16 1) Grow out plants for planting in the Medicinal Plant Garden at the Crops Garden; 2) Maintain genetic stocks and overwintering plants that don’t tolerate cold weather
Effects of drought stress on symbiotic nitrogen fixation in peanuts #1026 Yucheng
5/1/15 4/30/17 Determine effects of drought stress on symbiotic nitrogen fixation in peanuts
Maintenance of nematode-free turmeric and other medicinal plants under shade #1032 Dennis Shannon Tia
6/17/15 12/31/17 The objectives are 1) to grow nematode-free turmeric and related species in pots in order to provide nematode-free rhizomes for planting to researchers and growers, and 2) to maintain stock plants of species that are not cold hardy for the Medicinal Plant
Symbiotic nitrogen fixation in Roundup Ready soybeans #1011 Yucheng
Dennis Delaney 4/1/15 3/31/18 Determine effects of glyphosate on nitrogen fixation in Roundup Ready soybeans
Greenhouse evaluations of disease management systems. #1009 Kathy Lawrence 3/11/15 1/1/20 Develop and assess disease management strategies in in the greenhouse settng.
Grafting success rate determination of tomato scion grafted onto intrspecific and intraspecific rootstock material (pending) #1049 Joseph
10/22/15 8/31/16 To determine effectiveness of grafting tecniques and field evaluation of grafted tomato plants
Sugarcane Aphid management trial (pending) #1052 Alana
12/7/15 2/29/16 to evaluate sugarcane aphid mortality to different rates of insecticides
Bioavailability of trace contaminants and silica in calcium slag materials (Pending) #1053 Julie
10/14/15 10/13/16 to evaluate the bioavailability of trace elements from silica slag material applies as a Si fertilizer or liming amendment
Investigating the potential of producing Pepino dulce in central Alabama #1054 Wheeler
Tyler Monday 11/23/15 6/30/16 Produce viable pepino plants for propagation into high tunnels
Raising White Lupin for transplanting #1055 Edzard
van Santen
12/2/15 2/1/16 Raise seedlings for transplanting to avoid risk of stand failure encountered during seeding in an El Nino year
Maintenance of tropical food crops for demonstration/teaching gardens #1057 Dennis Delaney 12/11/15 5/27/16 Overwintering maintenance of tropical food plants used in the demonstration crops garden on AU campus.