Greenhouse User Information

Mission and Description

The primary purpose of the Plant Science Research Center (PSRC) is to provide greenhouse space and supporting facilities and services to research scientists of the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station (AAES).  The PSRC is dedicated to assisting scientists to meet the challenges that face Alabama agriculture presently and in the future.

The PSRC contains 12,800 square feet of greenhouse space divided into 12 zones equipped with Wadsworth EnviroStep controllers. The greenhouse area is divided into twelve 30-x36-foot zones, each equipped with individual temperature, air circulation, and shade controls.

  • Four of the zones are equipped with high intensity auxiliary lighting.  Each of eight zones is equipped with two 3-x 24-foot tables and three 5-x 30-foot benches.
  • One zone is equipped with two 3-x24-foot benches and four 5-x30-foot benches with moveable tops.
  • Two zones are equipped with two 4-x24-foot benches and three 4-x30-foot benches with heavy duty casters for portability.
  • One zone is dedicated for organic production and has been certified organic since 2005.

Growing conditions are computer controlled utilizing StepSaver data acquisition software.  Data logs of cultural conditions are available for our research scientists by request.  The software provides off-site control and monitoring of growing conditions by the PSRC management staff.

Our outdoor nursery area currently consists of 400 square feet under shade and 150 square feet of open space.  The 20,000 square feet headhouse contains four laboratories, six growth chambers, a germination chamber, a walk-in cooler, and a conference room for small group meetings.