Areas of Research

Biobased products and processing

Production of bio-fuel crops, including propagation methods, cultural studies and nutritional studies


Nematode populations, culture and identification methods; nematicide trials; cotton gene expression

Microbial biotechnology

Production methods and growth habits of bioremediation plants for run-off water

Organic agriculture

Production of organic transplants, vegetable crops and microgreens with an emphasis on organic substrates, fertility and insect control

Ornamental horticulture

Suitable substrates and fertility for lotus

Pest management

Control of invasive species cogongrass and kudzu; reproduction, feeding and egg-laying habits of insect pests; plant viral, fungal and bacterial pathogens on vegetables, fruit, ornamentals and field crops; growth promotion and fertilizer reduction utilizing plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR)

Vegetables, fruits and berries

Plant viruses, fungi and baceteria affecting vegetable production