Piedmont Research Unit

A four-mile-long, eight-foot-high, fixed-knot steel fence constructed in 2007 at the Piedmont Research Unit in Camp Hill completely encloses 430 of the unit’s acres, and that land plus the deer that were on it when the final section of the fence went up comprise what has been dubbed the Auburn University deer lab. In an exhaustive, multidisciplinary long-term study of the lab’s approximately 100 captive white-tailed herd, researchers will generate detailed information on deer biology and behaviors that is expected to significantly impact the scientific management of deer.

Areas of Research

The Piedmont Agricultural Research Unit provides a controlled environment where researchers can examine the biology, behaviors and habits of white-tailed deer.

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The Piedmont Research Unit was established on 1,409 acres in 1945 in Tallapoosa Country near Camp Hill, Ala., to provide additional land for pasture and forage crops research.

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