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60 County Road 944, Marion Junction, AL  36759


Turn North off US Highway 80 onto County Road 45.  Turn left onto second paved road.


7:00 a.m. — 4:30 p.m.


Public meeting facilities are available for ag-related groups.

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Jamie Yeager
Director, Research/Extension Ctr
60 County Road 944
Marion Junction, AL 36759

The Black Belt Research and Extension Center (formerly known as the Black Belt Substation ) at Marion Junction was established in 1930 and immediately focused upon restoring soil fertility to this much-abused land in an attempt to establish pastures to encourage the livestock industry.

The substation was the site for dairy demonstration units in the 1940s and for beef cattle nutrition research in the 1970s.

In the 1970s, researchers at the center were the first to associate poor cattle performance with endophyte fungus in fescue. That discovery resulted in new management strategies that allowed producers to dramatically increase weight gain in their herds and, subsequently, boost their profits.

Beef cattle, dairying, forages, soybeans and other crops adapted to the area continue to receive research emphasis.

BBREC was one of the first substations established in Alabama by the Legislature to create research facilities in five main areas of the state: Tennessee Valley, Sand Mountain, Black Belt, Wiregrass and Gulf Coast. Three of the five went into operation in 1929: The Tennessee Valley Substation at Belle Mina, the Sand Mountain Substation at Crossville and the Wiregrass Substation at Headland. The remaining two, the Black Belt Substation at Marion Junction and the Gulf Coast Substation at Fairhope, began operating in 1930.

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