Project List

Co. P.I.
 Efficacy of fungicides for the control of white mold and Alternaria leaf spot on three varieties of carinata.  Austin Hagan  11/2/2015  7/1/2016  ENPP
 Assess the efficacy of single and two application programs with recommended fungicides for the control of target spot on two cotton varieties.  Austin Hagan  4/27/2015  10/30/2015  ENPP
 Assess the reaction of commercial cotton varieties to target spot.  Austin Hagan  4/27/2015  10/30/2015  ENPP
 Impact of cropping frequency on the severity of diseases, as well as populations of nematode pests, and on the economics of production systems with cotton and sorghum.  Austin Hagan  4/20/2015  10/16/2015  ENPP
 Kohlrabi variety trial  Joe Kemble  Edgar Vinson  8/5/2015  12/16/2015  HORT
 Evaluating commercial varieties for resistance to sugarcane aphid in sorghum  Alana Jacobson  Kathy Flanders  6/15/2015  10/31/2015  ENPP
 Evaluating insecticide treatments for management of sugarcane aphid on sorghum.  Alana Jacobson  Kathy Flanders  6/15/2015  10/31/2015  ENPP
 Assessing the impact of the anthracnose on the biomass and sugar yield of sweet and forage sorghum  Austin Hagan  4/15/2015  9/11/2015  ENPP
 Evaluate the efficacy of selected fungicides for the control of southern rust, southern corn leaf blight, and other foliar diseases of late-planted corn.  Austin Hagan  4/15/2015  10/1/2015  ENPP
 Control of cotton root knot nematode (Meloidogyne incognita race 3) with nematicide seed dressings Votivo as well as Counter 15G and Velum Total on field corn.  Austin Hagan  4/1/2015  9/30/2015  ENPP
 Disease management of field crops and vegetables.  Kathy Lawrence  3/12/2015  12/31/2015  ENPP
 Reaction of selected hybrid field corn varieties to southern rust, southern corn leaf blight, and other diseases.  Austin Hagan  3/30/2015  9/30/2015  ENPP
 Biomass yield and rust intensity on two ornamental switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) varieties as impacted by fungicide inputs.  Austin Hagan  5/1/2013  12/31/2016  ENPP