Understanding the role of water in the environment and protecting this finite natural resource, ultimately leading to better stewardship in Alabama and around the globe.

Protecting water quality

Protecting and maintaining our current water supply is a priority of scientists with the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station, who was addressing the issue through research aimed at overall environmental quality and sustainability. David Blersch, an ecological engineer and biosystems engineering faculty member, is experimenting with methods that will make high-density, high-productivity aquaculture systems in the state more environmentally friendly while producing by-products that will provide additional economic benefits to Alabama producers.

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Protecting our water supply

Freshwater is essential for life on earth. It also is a finite resource and must be safeguarded from pollution and waste. Scientists with the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station are conducting a number of research projects focused on water quality and conservation. Agriculture accounts for about 80 percent of ground and surface water used in the U.S., mainly in the form of irrigation. Two horticulture faculty members in the College of Agriculture are investigating ways to reduce water consumption in Alabama’s thriving green industry.

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Srivastava new head of Auburn’s Water Resources Center

Puneet Srivastava, an ecological engineering professor in Auburn University’s Department of Biosystems Engineering and the Butler-Cunningham Eminent Scholar on Agriculture and the Environment in the College of Agriculture, has taken the reins of the interdisciplinary Water Resources Center at Auburn. The Water Resources Center, under the auspices of the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station, facilitates collaboration among Auburn faculty and staff on research, education and outreach related to water quality and the sustainable and equitable use of this crucial natural resource.

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