Our research

Our researchers represent a range of scientific background and expertise as diverse as the communities and industry we serve.

Research Areas

Photo of a handful of pine chipsNatural Resources

Finding new ways to ensure that our abundant natural resources will be available for future generations by addressing issues of sustainability and environmental quality, from water quality to soil health.

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Photo of blue sky with cloudsClimate Change

Adapting to global environmental change through research that focuses on decision-making tools and management strategies to minimize the risks posed by extreme weather events, climate change and climate variability.

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Photo of a corn field with tree line in distanceRural Issues

Developing innovative strategies that enable communities to establish economic and social systems for prosperity and revitalization while conserving and enriching the surrounding ecosystem.

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Photo of gardener and children working in vegetable gardenHuman Health

Working to find solutions to today’s most significant health concerns through research projects that target issues plaguing Alabamians, including obesity and diabetes.

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Photo of researcher holding a pine twigBioenergy and Bioproducts

Advancing new forms of energy and products to reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign energy sources and to bring new jobs and sources of income to Alabama.

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Photo of fresh vegetables in a wooden crateFood Safety and Supply

Reducing foodborne illnesses in humans and monitoring food products from production to consumption, thereby guaranteeing the safety and accessibility of our nation’s food supply.

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Photo of corn field being sprayedProduction Agriculture

Balancing productivity, profitability and sustainability to help produce enough food, fiber and energy for 9 billion people worldwide by the year 2050.

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Photo of water dropsWater

Understanding the role of water in the environment and protecting this finite natural resource, ultimately leading to better stewardship in Alabama and around the globe.

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